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Your Child Is A Reflection Of You

Who doesn’t like well behaved, sensitive and obedient kids! Every parent tries their best to inculcate good habits and teach good manners to their children. We as parents, try and get them the best possible education and keep them well-engaged in after-school activities. Yet there are those times when we are left disappointed with their behaviour.

Truth be told, every time we bad-mouth someone, or anyone who misses our expectation, look around, for your child is watching! Every time you litter on the street, you are teaching your child too to do the same. So you skip the traffic signal because you think no one is watching… well you guessed it right- your child is not only watching you, he is absorbing it internally.

As a parent, its time to get on to your best behaviour! If you want your children to be at their best, you to have to be the very best version of you. Mere lip service does not help. Your actions speak louder than words and instructions that you pass on to them. What are some of the things to watch out for? Here is a ready list:

#1 Abusive language – What you do not want your kids to say, do not utter it yourself. Practice restraint when the kids are around.

#2 Wasting food- You do not finish food on your plate, more often than you would like to. Be ready to see your child too doing the same unless you change. Learn not to throw food and kids will learn it too.

#3 Reading time – When its reading time, pick up something to read as well even as you are available to help out the kids with their home assignments.

#4 Praying every morning – Pray each morning and kids too will learn to be grateful to the Almighty.

#5 Eating healthy and wise – Eat your vegetables and fruits. Your kids too will pick up after you. If you tend to munch after meals, you cannot complain for teaching those silly and unhealthy food habits to your kids too.

#6 Empathy- Kids also need to be empathetic towards the less privileged. We as parents can teach them to give to the needy. Donate stuff that you do not use and seek your child’s views on it too. “Which toy would you be happy to give to the poor child who sits around the corner, Ryan?” is a good way of reaching out to your child.


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