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Women Should Aim For Financial Independence

In our lives, we see many women who are well educated, well-bred and well-cultured. They look after their families well and shoulder every household responsibility with aplomb. No one really takes away the hard work that women do to run the household. Men continue to provide the economic  support.

Whether running the family or not, rearing the child or whatever that women may be pre-occupied with, I see it as an excuse for not being financially independent. Its is not an option but a necessity to earn your own money.

Women put up with domestic violence, abuse, low self esteem and a general exclusion from a world full of knowledge and opportunities. Some even call it a sacrifice they make for their family!

Why would one limit one’s life’s possibilities? Why would you hold back from making your own decisions, because money involved would be provided by someone else?

What would you do if your marriage fails and husband refuses to provide for you and your kids?

Wouldn’t the extra income help improve the standard of your living, your retirement fund or your kids education?

Smart women prepare for the worst situation in life and stay ahead. It is of paramount importance to be financially independent and live a much satisfied and happy life.

Indeed it would benefit everyone around us , yet it takes a backseat in our lives.

Once you have made up your mind, how to go about this?

Well, the most difficult part you have already overcome. Making up your mind is the toughest decision you would have to take- to convince yourself that you want to do this for yourself. The seed of conviction is critical to the path ahead.

Soul searching  – look at what makes you happy, what you are good at, where lies your passion. What is it that would keep you up all night and still make you want to go get it. PASSION and CONVICTION go hand in hand. This is no easy task either. You might take days, weeks or even months. The path you are about to begin may look rocky , but would yield you with sweet rewards later. So keep at it.

Perseverance – This is another noble quality you are going to need, and lady, loads of it. Even if you do not succeed first, let experience hold your hand to the next idea.

Ask for help – It is alright to ask for help and for information. Look out for mentors. Look out for social groups in your vicinity and seek inclusion.

No matter how intimidating it may seem, once you tread on the path to financial freedom, there is no holding you back. You would feel a sense of a higher self, higher self esteem and greater self confidence. Start small if you have to but do start. Take your first step towards financial freedom.

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