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About Shambhavi

Shambhav, in the world of Tarot reading needs no introduction. Having featured in Femina, being an integral part of Elle Carnival held every year for the past three years consecutively to being an in-house Tarot Reader with JW Marriot, Juhu, and Out of the Blue, Mumbai for the past several years, she has innumerable prestigious associations in her repertoire of work.  She is also closely associated with retails giants like the Future group – Pantaloons.

She has been a guest speaker at ‘One with Nature- beyond academics in January 2014 on “Colours Psychology and Vaastu with Children” in 2014 and special invitee at Hathautee Mumbai Book fair exhibition and ‘the great Indian wedding’ in Melhua, Powai.

Her sphere of knowledge apart from Tarot includes vaastu, colour therapy, gemstones, runes, chakra cleaning, aura and space cleansing, color therapy, doodle analysis and dowsing to name just a few.

We spoke to this intriguing personality to know more about her and her offbeat profession.

Tell us something about yourself

Shambhavi- Founder Tarotforu
Shambhavi- Founder Tarotforu

Shambhavi hails from Patna in Bihar. She is a hotel management graduate and an MBA. She has worked in the corporate sector for more than a decade before plunging full-time as a Tarot reader.

For her, spirituality was an integral part of growing up days. In fact, it is imbibed in the family customs and values. She fondly recalls how as a child there used to be a puja every month in the house and how important it was for everyone to attend the same.

Her maternal grandfather was a reiki grandmaster and runs a training institute as well in Patna.  She got herself trained in Reiki under him even before she joined college.

How did you decide to start your venture – ‘Tarot for You’?

During her time in Bangalore, while she was studying hotel management, she often used to visit her aunt. Initially what drew Shambhavi to her aunt’s place was a sense of calmness and serenity that prevailed there. As destiny would have it, her aunt was a proficient Tarot card reader. One full moon night she saw her meditating on the cards. She was instinctively drawn towards them. Thus began her journey into the intriguing world of Tarot. She soon started learning under her aunt. The more she learned, the hungrier she got for more knowledge.

Life took its course and she started working as a PR manager. The nature of her work got her to network with people and meet high profile guests on a daily basis. Tarot by then had become an implicit part of her persona. People at work, colleagues, clients slowly came to know about her inclination towards Tarot. She found herself doing the readings after office hours for them. By 2008, it became quite clear that she would take up tarot as a full-time profession.  She had developed a huge client base, thanks to a strong word of mouth recommendation and her warm demeanour. And “Tarot For You “ was launched officially as a brand.

What are the key challenges you face in your job?

Shambhavi tells us that people expect instant appointment and not to forget instant results from her readings. Being a home based Tarot card reader too has its disadvantages when clients are not punctual enough with their time.

How important is meditation in your profession?

And she promptly replies “it’s as good as like bathing every day”. In a profession that’s surrounded by negativity –  with people pouring in their problems all the time, meditation helps her cleanse her soul and connect with the Almighty. It helps her keep calm and stay connected to herself too.

What keeps you going?

Today she is into multiple disciplines of alternative therapies from reiki to color to doodle, Vaastu, and gemstones, runes therapy, the list may keep going on. She calls this sphere of knowledge as her home. It truly makes up her world. The quest for knowledge drives her to learn more. She is now coming up with unique therapy that analyses your personality with the help of colors. She continues to learn more and give more to people around her- the benefit of her knowledge.

What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start something on their own?

And she suggests time management, focus, and dedication as three pillars essential to start and survive on your own.

You can reach Shambhavi here:

Phone: +91 9890249456