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Why Good Girls Fall For Bad Guys!

It is one of the most mysterious things in life that one encounters. Most girls who are brought up as “good” –  read studious, conservative and “complying” fall for a guy who is nothing close to their personality. They may be the most errant, rebellious and unlikely of the fellows a “good girl ” can fall for. Yet, the unthinkable occurs. Why would that be? Lets decode:

Its adventurous!

Good girls brought up in a restrictive or controlled environment often want adventure. Good girls often succumb to their wannabe “wild and free” desire. It’s something they haven’t tried before and looks fun!

Opposites Attract!

The fact that “opposites attract” appears so true in this case and how!  The soberness of the “good girl” meets the arrogance of the “bad boy”. She refuses to acknowledge but the law of attraction wouldn’t let her go of her feelings. The fact that they seem to counter-balance each other’s vices and virtues is stuff that passionate love stories are made of.

Higher Sex Appeal!

The thrill of being with someone who is more like a concoction of rowdiness  and  unchained, wild spirit brings forward a strange sort of sex appeal. Women find such men irresistible.

She wants to save him!

Psychologically , women think that such boys have wondered on to a wrong path and need a saviour. They want to go all out and transform them! Well in reality, “bad boys will be bad boys”. So women stop fooling yourself if you think you have been sent on earth to rescue this poor soul of a guy! Not only will you disappoint yourself but also your guy. If this is your secret reason to date a hot looking , bad guy, better look for excitement elsewhere. They may not be your cup of tea.

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