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What’s Your Calling?

Every person is gifted in this world with a skill or knowledge. Everyone has the capability to rise above the ordinary and claim what is truly their territory. In a way, it is an universal truth. What is needed is to reach out to your soul deep within and recognise what you truly want from life. While putting this down on paper may be easy, doing it is equally difficult. Lets view this more objectively.

Where lies your true potential?

Your true calling lies in the field where your  mind and soul come together. You can spend hours looking at it, doing it, brainstorming it and still do not feel exhausted.

You may also be qualified by education and formal training to be good at something. But do not let this daunt you – You may be trained, but still not enjoy it with as much passion. On the contrary, a person may not be trained as much in a particular field but be drawn towards it instinctively. The latter case may supersede all training and education and still manage to create something with is a cut above the rest.

Consider a case where a person is a trained hotel management graduate. He may be running a restaurant which may be doing fairly well. On the other hand, someone who may not have this advantage of formal training may still be inclined towards this business proposition and do well for himself as well. What drives him to make it -passion, interest and loads of hard work.

So What Is Holding You Back?

#1 “What if I fail?”

Fear of failure prevents most people from realizing their true potential and their dream. Do not let this fear consume your passion and desire for something that you were born to do. Win over your demons and  claim your true calling.

#2 “I do not have the funds”

Start small. As you shall proceed, funds will come. You would also gain the confidence in this process and pump in more capital later when you feel you are ready for it.

#3 “Will I make a fool of myself!”

No one cares! People around you may be envious of you that you have the corage to follow your dreams. They may even admire you! So do nt let these “silly” apprehensions eat up your wish. It is time to start up on your own.

There is no time incorrect to pursue your dreams. The right time is NOW. So just go for it!

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