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What’s in a name – Quest for unique baby names

Birth of a child is a joyous occasion for any family. It is the time to celebrate the arrival of the new member of the family. With this, there is also a constant pressure for finding a unique baby name for the new born. Every parent wants their baby to be named exceptionally, different and a name like no other!

At the onset of my write up, let me take a minute to state my intention very clearly.  I, in no way, am opposed to a “unique” baby name. It is my personal reflection at the paranoia that surrounds the baby naming effort that bothers me the most.

No matter how new the name is, every class has 2 Aryans, 4 Riya’s and 6 Pratham’s. In my class, there were many Vikas’s and Aditya’s and yes, the Gaurav’s too. So why does this quest fail so flatly every time?

Why can’t we have a “common” name for the child, like Neha, Rahul and Abhishek? Why can’t our names be more easy for our kids to tell others and for others to understand? Consider the name like Hrudaya  or even my name- Manmita? Don’t see how a name can overshadow a child’s personality in anyway or even help in overpowering the child’s first impression.

Are we as parents and as a society forgetting it’s just a small child we are naming? It has become no less than a competitive sprint to ace other parents to come up with names like no other. Not only India, look at Hollywood celebrities naming their kids: Bryan Adams’s daughter is called Mirabella Bunny, Alicia Silverstone names her son Bear Blu and Beyoncé Knowles has named her daughter Blue Ivy. It could be a borderline embarrassing for the child to have objects (read”Rocket”) , direction (read “North West”) and even plant name(read “Ivy”) references in their names.

Some silly, some odd, some downright awkward, some difficult, that’s what we get in the quest for not-so-unique baby name at the end of the day. Wish we all could keep things simple!


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