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What Makes Your Business Unique

Shiv Khera, the well-known management guru once famously said –  “Success is not about doing different things, it’s about doing things differently.”  

This is profoundly true for your business as well. Once needs to be unique in whatever line of work that you choose to be in-  be it your business or even in  your career. Let’s see how you can get that killer advantage, (also called as USP – Unique Selling Proposition) to help you speed ahead of others.

6 Ways To Make Your Business Unique

#1 Customer Responsiveness

Many ventures close down before that can even flourish. One of the the most commonest cause is apathy towards their own customers. You can create a strong framework to track exceptions and be responsive towards your customer requirements. Time to move from “commodification” to “personalization” of service.

#2 Delivery time

Time is at a premium and be it any business, customers expect “instant” delivery of their product. How best can you manage your delivery time? This can get you a lot of customer loyalty and make your business stand out from your competitors.

#3 Product packaging

You may be selling the same product as your competitor in terms of quality but packaging takes the cake! Invest in a good packaging  partner and set  your business apart and get higher customer loyalty.

#4 Reliability and consistency in service

Do not let your business be just a one-time service wonder. Do not let your customer down when they are depending on you. Reliable and consistent business framework is a necessity to succeed in today’s environment and can make your business unique from your competition.

#5 Value add

What is the value you are creating for your customer? You may add value by doing any of the things listed above or partner with allied services or businesses that may provide your customer a wholesome bundle of product or service. For instance, if you sell second hand cars, can you add car insurance as well. Can you arrange car loan too in-tie up with banks and financial agents. These will ensure your customers do not have to run from pillar to post to buy the car they want.

#6 Customer Connect

Connect with your customers on a regular basis. Call and meet your customers. Ask them how do they find your product or service. Be aware of ground reality in the market you are operating in. This helps a great deal in defining your USP and staying ahead of the game.

Of course what can make you unique is for you to figure out. These are just a broad guidelines to steer your business in a correct direct and set your business apart from your competitors.

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