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What it is to stay at home with the kids- Truth Be Told!

It is never easy to quit a well paying job, a shining career and a great life to “sit at home” and look after the kids. It is also not a one shot decision to be honest. The situation kind of develops and assumes a bigger proportion and then it starts to dawn heavily on you – “I know its not working out no more!” “I do not want this kind of juggle of a life” “I do not want baby to go through this”.

Finally one day, I sat down with my manager and explained that continuing with work is not feasible anymore and I would like to quit.  It was kind of painful – to let go of a career I had studied all my life for and having slogged hard for. I am truly at a loss for words to put it in words what it is to give up that has been my identity for so long.

And so after duly serving my notice period, I bid my “normal life” of going to work every day in the morning a goodbye and started a new life with my small baby. I knew he needed me and my decision was “right” at least for the sake of the baby. And then began the roller coaster ride of a stay at home mother.My City Woman's blog on what-it-is-to-stay-at-home-with-the-kids

Everything that was “taken care of” now rested on me. To accommodate the move from a dual income to a single income family, some of the help at home had to be let off. My baby was there with me 24/7 so much so that my washroom breaks too were interrupted. I took bath when the little one slept. Any maid who wouldn’t have turned up for work for some reason, I had to make sure that bit was done as well. From feeding the baby to putting him to sleep, and then repeat the cycle all day long, it was tiring. My day would just melt into the monotonous chores of the household. The only silver lining that outweighed the physical exhaustion was my little ones smile. He was overjoyed to see me in the morning and every time he woke up. He loved to cuddle up to me and sleep. He looked more rested and re-assured somehow ; that in words he was too young to express.

Yes, it is not easy to be at home for someone who has been in the corporate world for a long long time. But then who says life is a cakewalk! Every decision has a pros and a con. Whatever we do, we just have to play along and make the most of what life has to offer.

I do not regret any decision in my life. I am convinced that the kind of love and care that I could give my family and baby would not have been possible without my presence.

This blog endeavours to give a peek into the life of a new- stay at home mom and how life transpires for her post quitting the corporate career. There is no single decision which can be slated as right or wrong. “To each his own” – whatever makes a mother and her baby comfortable enough to go on is what works well.

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