My City Woman's blog on how to enjoy monsoons in Mumbai

Top 5 Things To Do This Monsoons In Mumbai

Monsoons are finally here !! What a relief it is from the scorching heat of the sun and sticky humid weather of Mumbai! I am a die-hard romantic and monsoons are the time I enjoy the most. We get you 5 ways to enjoy the monsoons this season. Read on for some Monsoon magic!


#1 Long drive to LonavalaMy City Woman's blog on how to enjoy rains in Mumbai

Everything becomes green  this time along the route to Lonavala and Khandala. The natural waterfalls along the way, the mountains covered in the misty cloud can be just so captivating. Take a short break to Lonavala is a must do this monsoons.



#2 Chai with pakorasMy City Woman's discovers ways to enjoy rains in Mumbai

What more does one need to really enjoy the downpour! Have a hot cup of tea with piping hot  onion pakoras and enjoy the splash!




#3 Drive in the city

Just go around your locality or a drive along Marine Drive’s Queen’s Necklace to see monsoons in its full glory. Play on some of Bollywood songs that celebrate  monsoons in your car and enjoy the experience. You can stop by at the small tea vendors along the way for a hot cup of tea along with roasted fresh corn.


#4 Go Shopping on Linking Road

Shop for monsoon ready slippers and pretty umbrellas on linking road and Hill Road to get into the monsoon swing.


#5 A romantic walk in the rainMy City Woman's discovers ways to enjoy monsoons in Mumbai

Just walk down with your partner in the drizzle and seize the moment.





Make the most of Monsoons and dare the rains with attitude this year!


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