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Thoughts this International Women’s Day

Another year and we have another International Women’s day coming up on March 8th. I do not understand the meaning, rather the purpose of celebrating these days year after year. Cynics may reason that women get to get themselves pampered and so they all rejoice in getting the day to “celebrate womanhood”. Women really are flushed with offers and discounts from restaurants to salons and spas and yes, not to forget the online shopping portals. Everyone wants to get the piece of the pie and no, no one is complaining either.

So, what’s driving me up the wall, you may ask? Its not the hoopla or the commercialization of these events. It is about waking up of the true spirit of the woman, or the lack of it that is agonizing. We all talk about freedom , her ability to take decisions, independence of women. All of these words will remain just that – words, even as we continue to celebrate Women’s day year after year. The only thing that really is going to change the lives of women, all over the world, is to create a financially inclusive world for them. True empowerment will only come if women learn to earn their own living, work and make themselves count. Its practical sense- the ability to take your own decisions, have a higher sense of self worth and take stand against wrongs meted out to them will only come if women are truly empowered. And this will only be possible when they are financially independent.

Wish we could also see real efforts being taken by the family, friends, husbands and fathers to encourage the women in their lives to work. Words of encouragement from people women value the most in their lives means the world to them. Here is what we all can do to empower ourselves and usher in this International Women’s Day with renewed enthusiasm about changing our lives towards a better future:

1. Equal rights

Most importantly, raise our kids – boys and girls with equal rights. Equal pocket money, equality in curfew hours, quality in rules at homes. BE an equal parent to your kids – son or daughter. Let your daughter too go out with friends, learn how to drive a car and a bike, just about everything that you would encourage your son to learn. And vice versa.

2. Financial independence is a way of life

Never create an environment where we say things like – “You are a girl and will go away to your own house eventually. Who knows if your in-laws or husband would want you to work or not”. Instinctively, you are creating an impression that allows others to take decisions of her life, of what she is going to be and how she is going to live her life – because she is a woman. This psyche is not correct. Teach both your kids to be financially independent in whatever way they can all their lives. Raise them like it’s a way of life and their DNA.


3. Encourage women at home to get working

Women who work outside of home are known to have a higher self esteem, self confidence and are more in control of their lives. With the way internet has revolutionised our lives, it is easier now than ever to be able to work and learn about new things and newer opportunities.  Repose your faith in their ability and encourage them to work.


4. Motivate yourself

So even if no one is cheering for you, take heart! Look yourself up in the mirror. Appreciate yourself. Love yourself. Say it to yourself that you are special and worth more than what you have been told of, or told to do in your life.  Work towards polishing yourself, upgrading your knowledge, collaborate if you can , but yes, shake out of the trance and reclaim your life – Because its all you got for yourself.


Happy International Women’s Day!

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