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Think before posting your kids pictures online!

How many times has it happened to you that a friend of yours tags you on a picture and you just hate it! You just want to disown and delete it! Now imagine this to be  your beloved child in your place. Yes it is true – the amount of pictures parents today post of their kids is incredible and worse still many continue to ignore the aftermath of the digital footprint they are creating for their kids.

We detail out the effects of sharing your kids photos on social media. P.S. None of it is an exaggeration – more parents need to be educated about its after-effects on our growing up generation.

#1 It violates your child’s right to online privacy

Kids as young as 6 year old are capable of deciding whether they would like your friends to see a particular picture of theirs online. You should always consider asking your child for permission before posting it on social media. Every person is entitled to their right to privacy and your child is no different.

#2 Beware of child pornography

Sad but true- almost half of pictures on these sites are sourced from instagram and facebook. These pictures are re-purposed or are captioned in an inappropriate manner and then uploaded onto child pornography sites. Next time before you hit upload, give this a serious thought.

#3 Social bullying

You can save your child from becoming a victim of social bullying. Consider an instance where you upload your child’s picture that you think is cute – like your baby having an ice cream while his whole face is dug into the ice cream cone. He may end up being laughed at, ridiculed and shamed in his peer group. This is far from what you may have wanted it to turn into.

While there are flip sides to posting each and every picture of your child online, the key take away from the whole situation is :

  • Ask for your child’s permission before posting pictures online.
  • Refrain from over sharing. Connect with your friends and community but in a restrained manner when it comes to your kids.
  • Avoid tagging location of your child on the pictures. You would not like the whole world to know your kid’s location at any point of time.
  • Remember – if its online, its no longer private!

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