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Things You Should Not Say To A Stay At Home Mom

A stay at home mom (SAHM) leads a thankless life. After their husbands leave for “work”, they are left behind to get their kids ready for school and tend to other household demands.   Their day ends doing chores that well no one recognises as chores in the first place! For instance, taking the child to see the dentist is not a “chore”; getting the bed ready for everyone to have peaceful nights sleep is also not a chore. A chore is something that brings in money – like “going to work”. Right? Wrong!!! We tell you 5 things you should never tell a SAHM, else be ready to face her ire!


#1 So what do you do all day?

Seriously, this one really hurts. With constant running around in the house, right from prepping dinner to getting the kids to do their home assignments, this question takes away all the hard work a stay at home mom does at home.


#2 You have all the time to do that!

No, they don’t. Any additional work dumped on them by family or spouse takes a lot of re-alignment of schedule. And do not be surprised if it doesn’t get done in the timeline “stipulated”. Going to the supermarket and from there going to the accountant for some paperwork means an additional workload. It is not easy to comply that with kids alongside.


#3 You can lead a relaxed life- you stay at home all day!

Far from truth,  the life of a stay at home mommy revolves around making sure each and every member of the family gets what they want.  She loving makes that dish her husband relishes making sure that her child does not miss the swimming class that evening. When you find everything in place from dinner on the table  to clothes – washed, dried, folded and neatly ironed, you may take it for granted. But hey, who did that for you when you were away ay work?


#4 You should go back to work in a few years

Easier said! A stay at home mom gives up a lucrative career to be with the family and tend to small kids. Is it any easier for her to join back with lesser pay and lesser everything at the workplace. Will the kids be okay to manage without the helping hand of the mother? Are they prepared to move out from the comfort of their homes to a day care centre?


#5 How can you stay at home all day!!!

Well SAHM’s do not have a choice. No one wants to be holed up in the apartment all day. It hurts to even reply to this one.


SAHM’s can do with a little more empathy from people around her- family, neighbours and friends. They work all day without even expecting any favour in return from anyone. Her work is invaluable and cannot be measured in monetary terms. She gives up on her favourite things in life to accommodate those of her kids and family. Words spoken out without due thought can truly hurt her sentiments. Watch out!!!

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