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10 Things You Can Do To Make The World A Better Place

We often crib how things around us aren’t the way they should be. How people can be more considerate of others around them and be more unselfish. The truth of the matter is we could first implement some of these for ourselves before setting out to “change” the world. The first step to change begins with YOU! How many of these did you get right?

#1 While travelling through public transport, do you offer seat to the pregnant/elderly people and kids?


#2 In a crowded place, do you push others to move ahead? Its irritating, right? when someone else does that to you?


#3 Have you ever shouted at kids who are not yours? (Yes, if a stranger shouts at your child, how would you feel?)


#4 Have you ever asked questions that might hurt others sentiments? Take for instance, “Oh, your daughter is so thin, have you seen a doctor or a dietician yet?” or “You seem to have put on weight of late, any hormonal imbalance is it?”


#5 Have you ever helped anyone going out of your way without expecting anything in return? Try it, it’s a great feeling!


#6 Have you ever offered other people a ride in your vehicle if you see them standing for a long time?


#7 Have you ever picked up the left over/excess meal cooked at your place and offered it to a hungry guy walking by? It doesn’t hurt, saves food and fills someone’s stomach too.


#8 Do you hold back other people’s money with you, conveniently “forgetting” to pay?


#9 How often do you think from others point of you, keeping yourself in someone else’s shoes?


#10 Do you haggle with your local vegetable vendor and buy “imported products” from the nearest hyper mall? These two aspects aren’t in sync when you pay a few rupees less to the local vendor but splurge on imported food items at the mall.


The world seems nice if we are nice to others. WE MAKE THIS WORLD and IT IS US WHO CAN MAKE IT A HAPPY PLACE TO LIVE IN. At the risk of sounding preachy, we forget to be kind to others, ignorant of other people’s trysts and choose to be “blissfully unaware” of nuisance we might be to others. Practising empathy can raise your own self esteem, reduce stress and frustration in your life. Among others things like world peace, the world can also do with some empathy from our end.



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