My City Woman's blog on Things That Kids Do That Can Instantly Melt Your Heart

Things That Kids Do That Can Instantly Melt Your Heart!

Kids are cute and sweet. To others, that is! Ask a parent and they would tell you a how difficult it is to manage them all day long. Every parent has to go through the occasional temper tantrum, the mood swing, the crying spree and the unwarranted demands that their child places on them. As the day ends, our energy levels hit a bottom low but mysteriously, kids get more energetic at night! They no longer appear to be sweet and cute but mini devils out to demolish the cleanliness and tranquillity of the house. Amidst all this mayhem, kids just know how to win hearts and help every parent get through the torture with a smile!! See how many can you relate to here…

#1 “Mumma I Love You”

This one is a true winner. Our kids can get anything if they say these magic words! Complemented with a messy  kiss on the cheeks and our heart is like melted butter. Sounds familiar?

My City Woman's blog on Things That Kids Do That Can Instantly Melt Your Heart

#2 A joyous hug

After a long day at work when we finally reach home, all we want is to relax. As soon as you reach, the child comes running and hugs with a joyous “Mumma” and “Papa”. This moment is powerful enough to relieve you of all the stress that may still be lingering in your mind.

My City Woman's blog on Things That Kids Do That Can Instantly Melt Your Heart-A joyous hug

#3 ” I am sorry”

Even if they do something wrong and you want them to be sorry for it, the moment our little kid say “Sorry”, you feel guilty (think – “Was I too stern with the child?”) and relieved (think- “My child understands when he has committed a mistake and acknowledges it too!). That’s something to be proud of too! Mushy heart did someone say!!!

My City Woman's blog on Things That Kids Do That Can Instantly Melt Your Heart

#4 “Its gonna be okay”

In our everyday (and sometimes not so everyday) hardships that we endure, we never want our kids to know about them as yet. We would never want them to get stressed with our problems and battles that we struggle to win every day – with career, finances, household, relationships, anything at all. But kids can sense a lot of things even without us telling them. Sometimes, in between my quiet sobs, my little one comes from behind and tells me ” Ma, it’s going to be okay!”. It just melts my heart and I feel like I just got a new lease of life. It’s a moment that cannot be defined in words – when you know your small child is growing up and understands more than you think.

My City Woman- Things kids say to melt your heart -its going to be okay

#5 “I did it by myself”

There are so many things that kids want to learn and do on their own- from tying their shoe laces, knotting their school tie to doing that addition correctly. You too try to support them, cheer and motivate them to keep them going. And then comes the moment when they finally achieve it on their own, all by themselves. And when your child says it to you with pride gleaming on the face – ” Dad, I did it all by myself!” it just moves your heart.

My City Woman's blog on Things kids say to melt your heart -I did it

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