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The Power Of Successful Networking

Networking is a very powerful tool professionals use to get ahead in their career. Whether you want to get a job, keep a job or advance in it, you would need networking all the way.


What is networking

Successful networking is about forging a relationship of trust and professional bonding and genuinely knowing the other person.


How does networking help

According to a study conducted by Harvard University, Networking can help enhance your understanding of people, broaden your perspective and can even enhance your job satisfaction level.


How can you successfully network

Networking is successfully done when you are able to make an impact, contribute and stand apart in a room full of people. They remember you even when you exit and call on you even when they need not necessarily need you. How can you possibly achieve this goal?


Consider adopting these tips for successful networking:

My City Woman's blog on tips for successful networking
How should you conduct yourself at business events
#1 Show genuine interest

Be genuinely interested in the other person. Ask open ended questions – How is work in your team? Do you think it is better than Team B? So do you approach branding in the digital space ?

Showing shallow interest in the other person really makes it evident.


#2 What’s in a name?

For people to remember you, make sure you pronounce your name correctly and smoothly. Remember to hand out your visiting card too. Ask the other person his name too. It’s okay to ask again “Hey, I am sorry, I didn’t get your name”. Include that person’s name while you talk -“So Rita, I have to tell you how much I miss working with the XYZ team.”


#3 Make meaningful conversations

If you have a way of knowing who all would be attending the event at work, find out more about them. You could even check on the kind of work done by them. See what interests you. Make sure to meet up with that  person at the event. This way, chances are you would get to learn something new as well as bond effectively. Try to add value by asking meaningful questions. Read about them or their work to be better prepared and leverage the opportunity well.


#4 Include others in the conversation too

While talking if you see someone else approaching you guys, pause and say “Hi, my name is Matt and she is Miranda. We were just talking about the challenges of managing a huge sales team”


#5 Manage your talk time

Do 20% of the talking and let the other person talk 80% of the time. After all, that’s the only way you can know more about others.


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