My City Woman's blog on The Power of Self Belief

The Power of Self Belief

Don’t let anyone (including yourself), stop you from achieving your goals !

What’s your reality? Do you limit yourself with your own perceptions? Are your ideas of what you can do, should do or are doing largely confined by what others think of you to be? Do you let opportunities slip by you because those are something you have never tried before?

It is time to take the high risk highway and hit a road to success! Recreate your own reality and be who you really are deep down inside are or can be and live a life you never thought you can!

Why should you re-fine your life?

#1 Rediscover yourself

Your hidden passions and talents may never come to surface if you restrict yourself to doing what you have always done and the path you have always followed. Do not say no to an opportunity because you have no formal training in that field. Many famous successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey and are school drop-outs and didn’t even finished college! Give yourself a chance at least!

#2 Miracle is inside of you

Every person is powerful enough to achieve what they truly believe in. The vision of who they want to be and where they want to reach becomes the wind beneath their steps. There is a miracle inside each one of us, just have to listen to our own heart.

#3 How far can you go?

Try , try and try until you succeed. Success is more about commitment and hardwork that the glorious crown of having won the battle. The only resources you need to start working on your dream project, idea or business is commitment, passion and hard work. Rest everything follows.

#4 Be ready to accept failure

Failure is a friend, not your foe. It teaches you things the hard way, how not to do it, so you do it right the next time. It is the biggest ally you can have if you learn from it. All through your journey, failure will nudge you to the right path, test your faith and build you stronger from inside. Are you ready to take it head on?

#5 Naysayers will always be

If you truly want to succeed in life, you just need to put your mind and focus on what you think you want to do. Seen a racing horse with “blinders” on his headstall that keeps it focussed on the road ahead? That’s the single minded focus one needs to keep doing what one truly believes in.

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