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The other man

Life poses unexpected tricks at us all the time. When we think we are in control, it slips away like a silvery fish. Infidelity is a big word. It does not necessarily mean sex per se. I think the virtual thought of being sexually attracted towards the other guy is infidelity too. I’ll elaborate with an example here. It’s the story is about a very close friend of mine. I am not sure how many of us can manage to deal with it with such poise..

Rita was probably in her early thirties. She was smart and pretty and carried herself well. People around her often complemented her on how no one could tell if she was a mother of two kids! Life was going on well for her until she met Rohit at her society club. He was at the bar. He was fair and tall with chiselled features. Black silk shirt , well fitted trousers, he was as handsome as it gets! His hair was gelled and he looked very well groomed. He took each sip of the expensive scotch in subtle style. She wondered if he was new to the society or simply accompanying a friend. Somehow, Rita couldn’t take her eyes off him!.

She was stirred of her thoughts as her boisterous friend Nalini came in. She waved at her as she entered the club. It was only a matter of time before they heard a heavy voice say “Hi ” . Rita turned and to her surprise it was him! Nalini said a big ‘hi!’ too and introduced the guy as Rohit, her co-worker. Rita only managed a small “Hello”.    Even though she wasn’t looking at him consciously, the hormones were at work – full time. She could feel the physical tension, her lips drying and drops of perspiration on her temple. She made an excuse and hurried back from the club in no time.

She couldn’t extricate herself from the incident. Even if it was “nothing at all”, the fact that she was physically drawn towards Rohit bothered her. She thought about her husband, her kids, her family. Nevertheless, Rohit’s “appeal” didn’t fade away. It was a huge mental tussle.

The truth is we sometimes try and fight back on something’s that are purely natural – as simple as – forces of nature at play. The truth is Rita doesn’t have to do anything. Unless she gets to bump into him every now and then, the attraction can remain what they are – pure attraction. The grace is to accept it and continue to move on with life, in the best interest of those we love the most in life. Its always better to keep life simple, isn’t it. Let me know your thoughts on it too. We would love to hear it.

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