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The Foundation Of Marriage – How Strong Is Yours?

Indians often pride themselves on how the institution of marriage is respected in India. The divorce rates are much lower(less than 10%) than compared to western countries(more than  50%). To me, it doesn’t matter if the marriage has lasted longer or shorter. It is more important to have spent happy and blissful life with your partner whom you love. A marriage is successful if you have the following ingredients to it:

#1 Respect for each other

The most important tenet is respect for each other. This respect for your partner makes one more lovable and attractive to one another. Being considerate towards each other, appreciative of each other’s virtues, point of view and perspective pulls them closer together. They share a bond only “partners in crime” and the best of friends can boast of.


#2 Communication

Like in any relationship, free and open communication is essential. A couple who can share and talk to each other about anything and everything on a regular basis have a strong foundation to their marriage. Being able to share the darkest thoughts and deepest fear with your partner creates a strong bond between a husband and a wife.


#3 Love

Love for each other will see partners go to any length to make each other comfortable. Love and affection shows through little gestures like holding hands, caring for each other’s feelings and keeping each other out of trouble and supporting each other though good and bad times. Love becomes the wing beneath their wings and makes them achieve any feat possible. Even when the whole world gives up on you, it is your partner’s belief in you that can make you go the distance and fulfil your dreams.


#4 Sex

Sex has an important role to play in a successful marriage. The intimacy helps both the partners connect together in a unique way. It creates the passion and romance in your relationship which is needed to survive tough times in life.

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