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“Superwoman” – I don’t want to be!

Being is superwoman is such a cliché. People around you expect you to be on top of things –  juggle everything from household to kids, work and people with dignity and aplomb. Cool as it may look, it saps out every last drop of energy left in a woman. If you ask me, I stand completely disillusioned by the “superwoman” tag given to women.

It is a fact that women have to multi task and  handle different things together. It is tough. Whoever says “women are good with multi-tasking” – please think again. It is not our choice. If women have to move forward in life and do things beyond dear husband and adorable kids, yes, we have to go that extra mile and take that stress upon ourselves.

A woman’s body is known to react differently to stress. Insomnia, weight gain, decreased fertility, hair loss, irregular periods, depression and increased risk of cardiac diseases are just some of the effect undue stress has on women’s health.

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee. It is better to be a “human” woman, than a super woman. It is better to say no to expectation that people at work or home have of us, than to take that stress and say “Sure, I’ll manage”. It is time to put yourself ahead and take care of yourself –  ease that stress and live happy.

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