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On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I made my way to an event that promised to teach me the “nuts and bolts” of blogging. As a passionate blogger myself, I found it hard to resist the temptation to attend the event. I was pleasantly surprised to see a myriad mix of people. There was a 13 year old too wanting to step into blogging. Nice!

The speakers were a great mix – of serious to casual to professional content. Here is what I learnt from each of them:

Suman Kher

She is a soft skills trainer. She has two blogs – one professional ( and the other she write for the love of writing ( She gave us the first step one needs to start blogging, the why’s and how’s. Indeed, the basic reason has to be very clearly defined with the wannabe blogger or else the effort can easily perish even before it can begin.

Jaibala Rao

She is a pro-blogger, writer and columnist ( She does blogging for Huffington, book reviews, movie reviews, corporate sponsored content, you name it and she’s done it! I loved her approach to blogging that says – “Be Uniquely You!. Spill out your vulnerability in your writing to get your audience to connect with you in the first place.” She epitomises where “blogging” can take you if you love what you do and you do it seriously, not just as a hobby.

Prerna Sinha

In a matter of less than 2 years, she started her blog ( and is showing us how to do it too! Hats off to the lady, really! She gave us an insight into what to expect when you want to earn money out of blogging, what is a “deliverable”, a “media kit” and what it mean to know your value when talking to the media guys. She is truly is my “maa” too when it comes to blogging !!!

Rushina Gadhiyal

India’s celebrated food blogger (  and owner of “ABP Cook Studio”. Rushina started writing even when the concept of blogging in India was not born. From good old writing to blogging, she took us through her journey of writing to where is now today. Her trysts and tribulations are stuff that story books are made of. She took one day at a time and one step at a time and continuously kept evolving with time. Be ready to adapt yourself, ready to embrace change and move out of your comfort zone if you want to move with the times and still be relevant is my take-away from her talk.

All the blogging Gurus, if I may call them Gurus:), harped on the importance of ENGAGEMENT with the readers and READING.

In an event like this, I know what I am doing right, where I am with my blog and where I have to take it. A very well-organised event- kudos to Sonia Rao (the editor) and Nidhi Bruce, the founding editor of

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