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Single Girl In The City – Survival Guide

It is possible that you have moved to a new city, away from your parents for work or studies or both. Girls and single in the city always scream attention. By the virtue of their sex and single status, everyone in and around the vicinity know it, as a matter of fact. With rising crime rate everywhere around us in general, its good to know the do’s and don’ts and survive like a pro. Here we go:

Choose a safe residential area:

For a start, look for a residential area which is “safe” Like not close to a hoodlum or dark dingy street. It is better to shell more than to risk your safety. If budget is a real issue, you can look at a smaller apartment or get more girlies to share the space and rent with you.

Be practically wise:

When you rent your apartment, ensure that the basic safety norms are in place. These includes proper lock at the entrance, security systems in the building or residential society, windows or balconies – are they covered. If not, you should ask the space owner to mend these things. After all, it’s your security and you cannot risk it.

For instance, if the flat is on second floor and the balcony is not covered, there is a good chance of someone climbing up. There is also a good chance of you forgetting to pull the balcony window when you are not at home or when you retire for the day. I do not mean to freak out anyone but its wiser to be prepared for the probable mis-event. It’s about preparedness.

Keep emergency numbers accessible at all times:

It is critical that you keep the emergency numbers like police control rooms, ambulance as well as someone in your city that you can trust and call upon in times of emergency.

Late night-outs:

While girls do like to have fun, do it responsibly. It is always to be safe now, than sorry later. Prevent a situation when you can risk being at someone else’s mercy – to drop you home, to “take care” of you if you are have  had a drink too much. Be cautious about these slip ups.

Manage your drink:

When out clubbing with friends, avoid trying a new alcoholic drink. You may not know how well your body takes it.

Manage your route to home:

When using a private transport always avoid taking route deviations. Avoid a shorted route which may be less used or bleak.

The mantra always is “Be safe than sorry” . Be responsible, be independent and be safe, always!

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