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Secrets You Should Never Keep from Your Spouse

Marriage is not only a union of two people, it involves two lives being forever intertwined in perfect harmony with each other. If a spouse starts to keep secrets from one another, it can spell doom for the relationship. What may seem to be  a small issue to you may become a “big deal” for no particular reason. Hiding truth, even not speaking about something may bring in a feeling of betrayal and bitterness. When done on many occasions, your spouse can stop trusting you altogether.   Read here on the secrets you should never keep from your spouse.

#1 Being attracted to someone else

Your spouse can be your best friend. Learn to confide your deepest, truest feelings with your spouse. Candidly admitting that you find someone attractive can help loosen up your pent up feelings and make your spouse trust you more. Saying something like” I really find that new guy next door hot, but know what , no one can match your hotness quotient!” can actually take your relationship a notch higher. It would also make you take the steam off the situation.

#2 Money matters

It is never a good idea to have secret bank accounts, loans and financial information and obligations  hidden from your spouse. In the long term this may hurt your partners feelings and bring in unnecessary resentment.

#3 Past affairs

You may feel you do not have the need to dig into your past when the present relationship is going so well. Fair My City Woman's blog on secrets you should never keep from your spouseenough! But your partner should have a clue to your past relationships – serious affairs, abusive relationship, relationships that have hurt you, betrayed you and have torn away a part of your soul. Why is it important?

One – You and you partner will connect better.

Two – You will never have any guilt of not letting your partner into your “space”.

Three – If anytime your ex’s reference comes up, it doesn’t bring in “You never told me!” scenario.

#4 Secret shopping binges

No matter how harmless it may sound, secret shopping sprees can hurt your relationship in the long run. It may have a deep rooted psychological and a more apparent way of telling on your finances. Even if you have made a big ticket one time purchase, your partner has the right to know about it.

#5 Health related issues

If you have a medical condition or if you are prone to it, it is your spouse’s right to know of it. For instance, you know that you have a family history of blood cancer and you yourself have high risk of acquiring it, it is best to let this information be passed on to your partner too.

Marriage is all about healthy communication, transparency and honesty. So long you can reflect on anything that has happened in your life, is happening or you contend might happen in the future openly with your partner without being judged, shamed or embarrassed – you can rest assured you have a strong marriage you deserve.

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