My City Woman's blog on how to decide between cute and rich guy

Rich Guy Or That Cute Guy – Which One Is For You?! – Take This Quiz To Find Out!!!

handel algorytmiczny forex Deciding your life partner isn’t easy. We know that! How do you make up your mind when you have to decide between that cute guy you have been dating or that rich guy your parents adore! We help you sort out your feelings. We presume you like them both but can’t seem to take that BIG decision.

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1.  Is that cute guy in love with you too?

2. Whose company do you absolutely crave for?

3. Is there a possibility of your cute guy turning rich?!

4. Is that rich guy respectful towards women in general?

5. If your rich guy is an eligible bachelor, chances are he might already be dating someone. Check his social media profile!!!

6. How important is money for you? Can you compromise on certain luxuries in life for your cutie?

7. Do your parents know/like your cute guy?

8. If the answers is no to the above question, are you willing to fight for your love with anyone including your parents?

9. How supportive is your cutie in whatever that you do in life?

10. If you can’t seem to decide still, take a break girl! Go on a vacation, take up something, soul search – for true love always finds a way to be!

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