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Post Partum Depression – How to Cope

Before childbirth – You have been looking forward to the arrival of your child. You imagine it to be the most perfect and happy time of your life.

Post childbirth – Your child looks adorable and you love him/her more than the whole wide world! Then why are you sad? Why do you feel like crying ? Why do you secretly wish it wasn’t true? Why are you having severe mood swings? Why are people around you calling you irritable?
Well dear, this is called “baby blues”. A more advanced phase is also called as post childbirth or post-partum depression. While most mothers go through it, very few even realise it. The common symptoms includes mood swings, irritability, inability to focus, too much or too less appetite, insomnia among others.

A typical symptoms include:
  • The mother has difficulty in bonding with the baby
  • She thinks she is not equipped to handle the “sudden responsibility”.
  • She may feel worthless and cry a lot.
  • She may imagine that she might hurt the baby in some way. She is scared to be alone with the baby.
  • She may feel extremely terrified that something bad will happen to the baby.
  • She may feel restless and panicky all the time.
  • Such mothers may also have suicidal tendencies.
How to deal with it:

While baby blues diminish after a week or two of child birth, a post partum depression may last up to six months or in some cases even longer.

Acknowledge it:

It does gets mentally and emotionally overwhelming to recover from the child birth yourself and take care of the child alongside. Coupled with that, the erratic sleep pattern of the child too makes it difficult for the mother to get adequate sleep and rest. An exhausted, sleep deprived body makes way for emotionally and psychologically troubled mother. No amount of mental preparation can help you be “in total control” when the child actually arrives! It’s simply overwhelming – a little soul who came out of you, is right next to you, how is that possible?! How on earth would you take care of such a tiny baby? Several thoughts just keep racing in your mind. If your thoughts are similar, Relax! Most moms experience such varied and contrasting emotions at this time.

Get family support:
Seek love and support of your family and most importantly your husband. Get assistance for looking after your small baby.

Get medical help :
Prolonged post partum depression needs medical attention. Talk to your doctor immediately if you feel it’s getting worse.

We are all human and mothers are no different. It’s a life event for a woman to give birth to a baby. Love and support from close friends and family can go a long way to help new mother’s get over this condition.

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