About Us

My City Woman's message - love yourself

Hello all you city-smart ladies out there!

We women are a busy lot. Working professional or a stay at home mom, we have to live up to various personas- a wife , a mother, a daughter in law, a sister , a daughter. If this doesn’t end, fulfilling the never ending demands of the household- laundry, dishes, meals, grocery shopping, not to forget managing the kids…. yea…you get the flow. The list is never ending.

“My city woman” aspires to be a “companion” to us who could bring a smile to our faces as we drag ourselves to do what needs to be done, with the smile intact. It’s an attempt to make life simpler for us, lighten up our days and sometimes just let us see the larger picture.

We attempt to bring to you stories that would warm up your heart, blogs that would cheer you up, tips and tricks to make you look like a pro at what you do. We’d also make a small effort towards helping you talented souls not to “lose yourself” if not make a larger than life attempt to “find yourselves”.

Its a virtual “bestie” you always wanted!

If you want to contribute your thoughts, do write back in to us. If you wanted to provide us with your feedback, we’d love that too to keep coming and look at it as support and encouragement from you.

Read my blogs and take inspiration from women who have created a name for themselves though sheer hard work, passion for their work and determination.