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Myths, Facts And Benefits Of Using A Dishwasher

Less than 0.5 % of the Indian households use a dishwasher. This is abysmal given is utility. While most household moved to using a washing machine about 15 years back, people do not want to experiment with dishwasher just yet. This blogs attempts to bust the myths associated with using a dishwasher in the Indian household and bring to light the a new life with sparkling clean , hygienically washed utensils.

Popular Myths About Dishwashers

#1 Myth – They are not suitable to clean utensils used in the Indian style of cooking.


Dishwashers can do oily and soiled dishes with ease as it used hot water to clean.

#2 Myth They use too much electricity.


The energy consumption by a dishwasher per wash cycle is estimated at approximately 1200-1500 Wh. Compare this with an air conditioner which uses between 1000W to 4000W of energy. The trick to reducing its energy consumption is to load the washer for a “economical mode” – a longer duration program which promises to consume up to 40% less energy.


#3 Myth – They use too much water.


Manually washing utensils by hand can use up to 120 litres of water. This is because the tap is generally left open while washing utensils. A dishwater uses a fraction of this water. A single wash cycle can use about 25 litres of water.

#4 Myth Dishwashers cannot do kadhais.


Dishwasher is equipped to clean frying pans, kadhais, chai utensils and more. Its only requirement is to remove stale and sticky food onto utensils.

#5 Myth It would double the effort as we have to pre rinse with water and then load the machine.


Dishwashers today come with a pre wash option. One does not need to pre rinse to load the machine. Again, only food should be scraped off and then loaded.

Now that we have the myths out of the way let’s look at the benefits of using this wonder machine!

Benefits of using a dishwasher

My City Woman's blog on Benefits of using a dishwasher
Say Goodbye to Age-old way of doing the dishes!
  1. It gives one hygienically clean utensils with are 99% germ free.
  2. The utensils not only come out clean, they are dry too. No need to wipe them with cloth later.
  3. The utensils come out sparkling – unmatched cleaning quality compared to washing by hands.
  4. Save your sanity – no more haggling with maids over shoddy job.
  5. No more dependency on maids who do not turn up on time or worse, do not turn up at all.
  6. Save your skin – no more sore nails and hands from washing utensils
  7. No more breakage of cutlery, glasses and cups.
  8. All “good” plastic ware , especially tiffin boxes are dishwasher -friendly. They come out 100% clean.
  9. You can sanitise your infants cups and spoons too in a dishwasher.
  10. It is lightweight and does not need loads of space to accommodate in the household.

It truly is time we Indians shift to using this wonder machine and change the way  we manage our household work.

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