My City Woman's blog on dealing with a heartbreak to immerge out stronger

“My Achy-Breaky Heart” – How to deal with heartbreak

Heartbreaks can be very painful experience. Everyone at some point in life experience it. The world seems gloomy and most often than not, people sulk into depression. We list down pointers so you can deal with it smartly and come out stronger.


Reach out –  To your friends that is. It is okay to talk about how unhappy the relationship was. Penting up emotions would only lead you to depression.

Cry  –  Yea, its okay to cry, to shed those tears and get over it! Those emotions need a vent. Its natural and do not worry too much over it. Eventually, it would lead you to a stronger you.

Take a break – A change of place works wonders. You realize it’s a big world out there and how beautiful it is. Plan a girls pyjama party if you have to! But taking a break from routine is critical.

Trash those souvenirs’  – Yes, this one is important too. Association with these  will forever remind you of him and happy moments spent together. Give it away, donate, trash –  do what it takes. As a matter of courtesy, anything expensive given by your ex-beau should be returned back to him. Courier it if you have to. Ask a common friend to do you a favour and drop it back. There are option if you look around.

Get busy – Its always better to use your energy at time for something more productive. Undertake new projects, special assignments at work and the like to keep your mind from dwelling over it too much.


Don’t rush into another relationship – You now already know how painful heartbreaks can be and certainly don’t want to hurt someone yourself. Rushing into another relationship will only complicate relationships around you.

Don’t haunt your ex –  Let bygones be bygones. It’s time to move on. Control your emotions, no matter how fragile you feel inside. There is no point is wasting your emotions on someone who doesn’t deserve it or troubling someone who doesn’t care.

Heartbreaks take time to heal. Allow yourself some space and the liberty to feel that pain. But remember not to overdo it. The mourning has to end somewhere and then comes a time to move on with your life and be happy again. Don’t give anyone that right to take away your happiness.  You and only you are responsible for keeping yourself happy.

God bless!


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