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Morning Rituals For An Amazing Start To The Day!

Positive morning rituals can really change the way the rest of the day shapes up for you. It is a powerful way to get in control of your thoughts and how you are going to be in the day ahead.

Why is a morning ritual necessary?

#1 It makes you mindful of your thoughts.

First thoughts are largely those that have been wanting attention for a long time.

#2 Makes you aware about yourself –

Life can get very fast paced and in the flurry of activities, you may lose connect with yourself. Simple existential questions creep into your mind – why am I doing this? Who am I ? Is this necessary?

#3 Brings back focus in your life

When the mind is rested and fresh in the morning, the thoughts are uncluttered. You can organise your day well.

#4 Create an opportunity for a healthy routine for yourself

A great start to a day can also mean you have time to move your body, exercise, meditate and basically create a positive body energy for yourself to face the day head on.

What morning rituals can you do for an amazing start of the day?

It is important to like the ritual that you choose to do so you look forward to it every morning. Your ritual should be such that you wouldn’t want to miss them on weekends too.

#1 MeditateMy City Woman's tips for an amazing start to the day

Focus on your breathing and soak in the calmness. This will help you bring in inner peace and tranquillity. You can do this for 5 to 10 minutes everyday.

My City Woman's blog on morning rituals of highly successful people#2 Write

Put down on paper the things that you want to accomplish in the day ahead. This should guide your thoughts and actions and help you be your productive best.

#3 ExerciseMy City Woman-habits of healthy people

Exercising for at least 30 minutes each morning can bring in a positive difference to your life. You would feel lighter and healthier. A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Pick up the fitness activity that you really like – if you are not a gym person, you could consider brisk walking, squash, tennis, swimming, absolutely anything that you love to do.

#4 Eat you breakfastMy City Woman's blog on morning rituals of healthy people

Skipping breakfast can be the most expensive mistake you can make for your body. It would deprive you of the energy you need to stay alert and do your best. It is also known to uplift your mood. No morning ritual is complete without incorporating a healthy breakfast with fresh fruits, nuts, protein rich  potion of eggs and fibre rich whole grains.


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