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Love – From The Eyes Of A Woman!

A lot is said about love everywhere, in general. In movies – how the couple elope to get married and live happily after; In stories – how the Prince Charming comes along to rescue the damsel in distress; In poems – of how the woman longs for her love.  For those of you who have gone though the phase would associate emotionally with the love songs, with Elton John playing in the background. Yes it really is a phase when the adrenalin rushes though the veins and all you do is long for your man.

It is a feeling that overpowers your mind, body and soul. You can think of nothing but meeting him. When you do, you try hard to keep your emotions under wraps You try not to touch him, just in case. If you do, you feel a shiver run down your spine. You try to look your best and talk your awesome best!  His every smile directed at you makes you feel special. Every time you look into his eyes, you notice the colour of his eyes. The intensity of his look. You feel intoxicated. To someone else, it just might be nothing. To you, it’s your world.

If you ever felt this way for any man in your life, you would already know what love is.

Woman loves with her heart and soul. Like she has been pining to give herself to the man of her dreams. Like she was incomplete without him for so long, and how! Several questions pound her heart and head – “Why didn’t they meet any sooner? Does he feel the same way about her too? Why does he seem detached sometimes? Does he have anyone else in his life? Would he love me forever? Will he cheat on me? But he doesn’t seem that sort!” The monologue just goes on and on…

If you feel this way, its natural, it’s how nature figured us out. Enjoy the feeling so long it lasts. For some its short-lived, for some a lifetime. Acknowledge it, accept it , live it and cherish it. Love is beautiful and it makes life worth living.

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