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Lesson To Learn From French Parenting

French kids are the most well-behaved in the world. It is nothing unusual for kids as young as 7  years old to walk down the street alone or use the public transportation by themselves.

“Troublesome two” is an unrecognised phase in France. Mothers still look “sexy and cool” and kids responsible and independent.  Unreal? We get you parenting lessons – the French style.

1. Let kids play by themselves

French mothers let kids play on their own. Parents too need adult time to themselves and do not feel guilty for doing so.

2. Teaching your kids to wait

Patience, my friend, is a virtue. And French mothers teach their kids to wait for their turn. Mothers do not run to pick up their child every time he cries. It is for this fact that French kids sleep all through the night unlike their international counterparts!

3. Practice subtle authority

A French mom maintains a calm composure and expresses a stern “No” without screaming or shouting at their kids. She is assured and certain that her kids will listen to her when she expresses herself. That is the authority she has over her child.

4. Let your kids be independent

Kids are allowed to walk to school by themselves. Elder siblings are responsible for their younger siblings. Not only does it strengthen sibling ties, it gives a breather to parents as well. Kids gain self confidence at a very early age and learn to be responsible for their own things very early on in life.

5. Let kids contribute to the family tasks

Involve your kids in cleaning the house, getting the dinner plates out and folding clothes – yes let them contribute to the household tasks every day.

6. Allow kids outdoor time

French parents do not clutter their kids schedule with too many extra-curricular activities and classes. Instead, kids are encouraged to play around in the parks and get the energy released.

A well-behaved child is every parents dream. While most parents scream and shout, trying to control their unruly kids, these French parenting tips are really an eye-opener.

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