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Keep Your Kids Engaged This Diwali Vacation

Diwali vacation has begun in most schools and parents are already worrying on how to keep the kids busy and engaged all this time. Television is a total fun spoiler – and increases their boredom after a point of time. A happy and involved kid who gets to learn too is our motto. We give you ideas to make this a fun Diwali vacation for your kids this year.

#1  Diya Painting Activities

One of the ways to get your kids relish the festive season is to get them to paint diyas. Buy inexpensive unpainted earthen diyas and get down to painting them with your kids. It is also a great learning and creativity booster. Don’t forget to capture that smile as they go on to paint some all by themselves.


#2 Baking and cooking at home

Bake some goodies with your kids – allow them to mix and pour into the moulds. Involve them in the process and your kids will certainly enjoy their time baking. Also consider picking up a no-cook kids books and get them to prepare something on their own. Sounds like fun!


#3 Organise Play dates

Get together with the mommy gang and organise a play date for your kids and their friends. Let it be circulating with each one of the mommies getting to host it on different days of the week. This way, you all can get some “me-time” and kids have lots of fun too.


#4 Check out the local library

This may be a great time to read to your kids and also get them interested in reading. Visit the local library and get going. Reading is a fantastic way of helping build vocabulary and get comfortable with the language.


#5 Sketching

Buy them sketch pads and pencils and get them to the garden to sketch. They can do a tree or a shrub or even a corner patch. It is a brilliant way of getting them to observe things around them and sketch in an open environment. Kids just love the idea and enjoy it too.


#6 Dig out the board games

Good old board games are the best bet to get your kids sit at one place and think. Dust off those ludo, snake and ladder, chess and monopoly games and get your kids busy in no time.






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