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“Karwachauth” – Should You Fast For Your Husband

We live in a world where everything is scrutinised with suspicion. Media, people, corporates everyone vies for attention – to their point of view, product and belief. And each one of them speak with pure conviction – as if whatever idea they hold is the ultimate truth. With the advent of social media, holding one’s ground and living by one’s own personal belief, has in fact become a feat.

From “anything”- let me pick up “Karwachauth” fast as an example. The festival is celebrated by married Hindu  and Sikh women who fast for the long life and safety of their husband. Irrespective of its significance it means different things to different, err, lets call them  stakeholders!

For the corporate –

A way to sell more jewellery, make up, clothes, you name it! The beauty and jewellery industry hugely benefits from this festival. They all dole out offers and discounts and air emotionally charged advertisements that has the power to make our poor husband’s think of buying us a diamond ring too!! Oh! what more does a woman want!!!

For Media –

Bollywood too celebrates this festival in every movie it gets a chance to. From Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to Biwi No. 1, almost every marital romance it depicts is incomplete without a Karwachauth sequence.

If this sounds cliched, hang on for more. For here comes social media that mocks every woman on Facebook, Twitter and even Whatsapp, who fasts for the long life of her husband. How can she, how regressive is that, who does that in today’s times, why can’t husbands fast too for the long life of their wives?…. the arguments and logic is endless. It is kind of a bottomless pit rather, one can go on to pour all the hatred against the entire manhood and reject the festival.

For women –

Well here comes the crux of it. As I pointed out, it is difficult to hold on to your ideology in the space cluttered with counter arguments and thoughts. Many women , lets just say are romantic enough to celebrate it with fervour, fast as much as they can with or without water, food, fruits and yes, that cup of tea they cannot do without. There may be different styles, ways and intensity of the fast but at the end of it, they do follow the festival.

Many women don’t. It could be because their in laws do not follow it, they feel against fasting for the man when today’s women are strong too and do not believe in “worshipping” their husband’s.  For women on the go, fasting without food and water is a near death threat and they too go on to avoid it.

As for me, there are a few  points that I have to make; again these are my points of view and open to debate. You may choose to agree or disagree of your own free will. here is what I think-

#1  It strengthens the bond between a husband and a wife. A the end of the day when the wife has that sip of water from her husband’s hands, the feeling is ethereal. Alright, maybe I am an incorrigible romantic!

#2 Of our Hindu festivals, many have the element of fasting. It is said to purify the soul, body and mind. I think there should be no reason to isolate Karwachawth then. I see no harm in fasting for a day for all those who can – it acts detoxification of the body.


#3 And for all the naysayers out there, I have point to make – If we go on beating our own festivals and cultural “quirkiness”, we may not have much to give our future generation to celebrate about. Marriage would be just a contract to stay together, have sex, give birth the children and later file for divorce citing “marital incompatibility”. Fasting or no fasting, I see Karwachauth as a festival that celebrates blissful romance between a husband and wife. And I love our culture that allows us to do that.

I won’t forget to add that it doesn’t matter which side you are on – do what YOU believe in from your heart, and look above the fog of other peoples ideology. YOU need to have that conviction in you to fast or not to fast and have your own reasons for doing so. That is what really matters.

Think about it!


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