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Is Doing The House Chores A Maid’s Work?

I am a stay at home mom. I look after my two kids all day. I am sure I am no different. There are hundreds and thousands of mothers like me who do things for the house, family and kids. Of late there has been a lot of negativity around women doing the practical chores in the house. I, in no way think we are trained maids that mother’s-in-law traditionally dream of. However, I love what I do and I love my life. See what I think:

# I love to cook

I love to cook for my husband and kids. There is no greater gratification than seeing them lick their fingers off the plate! I love to experiment in my kitchen, rustle up healthy meals for my kids that I know no maid in the world can match up to. My heart is full of love when I cook and it shows in the final dish. Do we not cherish those memories when our grandmothers and mothers used to cook for us? I do. I really miss it. My granny was a awesome cook. Her sweets were to die for. She used to cook this daal in an earthen ware and I cannot remember if I have tasted a more flavourful daal in my entire life. I would want my kids too to have these memories, of their favourite food being cooked by their mom.

#I love to clean

Yes I do! I know I am possessive about the water bottles my kids carry to school. I want to make sure that they are cleanest of the clean so that they do not get any water-borne infection ever. On a more pragmatic note, please do not imagine me as a cleanliness freak! I let the house have that “lived in” look. There are toys all over the place and at times I am learning to let things be and let my kids play, because that’s what they are supposed to do!!!  But yes, when its dust free and germ free around, my work is done.

#I ask for help

I truly encourage my family members to pitch in as and when I need help. Right from my two year old to my husband, everyone have their duties that they have to fill in. For instance, my husband has to put the mattress and bedsheet  every night so that kids can sleep in. It is his job. He knows it. And he does it. Every night. Period. All members have to put their plates back in the kitchen sink. Even my two year old knows it. My 6 year old clears the living room of toys every night before sleeping. Yes she does. After several explanations, she finally has learnt that it doesn’t  matter if it is her brother who has littered, for the sake of cleanliness, she should be okay to contribute her bit. If I can do it, so can you!

# I love my independence

We in India  are privileged enough to employ maids for cooking, washing and cleaning. Women in other countries are not. How do they manage? It works on the premise of family support. Why should we depend so much on other people to do the work of our house. Should there be any shame in cleaning your own house or taking care of your own children? At the risk of sounding repetitive –  I love what I do and I love to be self-reliant.

How does it all help?

It makes me and my family self reliant- like a way of life.

It makes me appreciate value of money.

It makes me “in control” over my day and house.

It teaches my children the invaluable lesson to do their own job and be independent.

In all of this hullabaloo, lets just do not forget to live life. It is okay to have someone come in and help. But my point is, even if they do not, there shouldn’t be any second thought about us working together as a family to do what needs to be done and get on with life. And no, doing household chores is not my maid’s job, its all mine and my family’s and I am not ashamed of accepting it !!!!


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