Sumita Acharya – Founder at Bombay Bead

Sumita Acharya
Sumita Acharya – Founder of Bombay Bead

Sumita Acharya is an artist, a fashion designer, a marketing professional,a jewellery crafter. In fact , she lives by the adage “Never Say Never” and continuously keeps reinventing herself. She has never restricted herself to anything and loves to express herself in any medium that gives her creative satisfaction. She is an avid traveller too.  Meet the multi-faceted lady behind Bombay Bead , Sumita Acharya…

Tell us something about yourself

Sumita Acharya Acrylic on Canvas 2010 - Sagittarius
Sumita Acharya Acrylic on Canvas 2010 – Sagittarius

Sumita Acharya comes from a Bengali middle class family. Born in Mumbai brought up in Kolkata, she completed diploma in fashion designing from Birla Institute of  Liberal Arts & Management Studies, Kolkata in 1990 and continued to freelance for export houses and boutiques as a fashion designer alongside.

In those days, it was a rather unconventional career choice.  But she was drawn towards fashion. She wrote for fashion magazines, modelled for them and enjoyed every bit of it. After graduating from NIFT, she joined Bata India as fashion merchandiser and gradually rose to the level of category manager – national head. After working for a few years, she got married  and she decided to focus on family and kids and left her corporate career. She continued to freelance with fashion export houses and never left fashion though.

Her husband’s work took her to Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and by 2004 she moved back to Mumbai. Around this time, Sumita was immensely drawn towards art- from sculpting to painting to murals to clay moulding, she dabbled in everything she could lay her hands on. In 2009 Sumita had her first solo exhibition show in Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai and in 2010 at the iconic Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai besides other prestigious galleries of India.

In early 2014,, she launched ‘Bombay Bead’ – an online shop for one of a kind, statement silver and costume jewellery.

How did you decide to start your venture – “Bombay Bead”?

Handcrafted Silver Jhumkas
Handcrafted Silver Jhumkas

The slump in the art market post recession was a bleak period for many artists. Many art galleries closed down, paintings wouldn’t sell and the future looked uncertain for professional artists. Sumita continued to struggle too. With the creative streak inside of her, she soul-searched as to what she could do next. Sumita realized there was a demand for arty , statement, unique hand crafted jewellery among the fashionistas! And thus was born “Bombay Bead”. Most of the jewellery is designed by her, some are curated antique pieces in silver sourced from villages in Pakistan, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Southern India. She likes to keep her collection contemporary and versatile yet offer jewellery deeply rooted in India’s Tribal traditions! Each piece in her collection is hand crafted. There’s no place for mass produced jewellery sourced from China and other South East Asian countries in her collection. She has her hands on the pulse of the market completely.

What are the key challenges you face in your job?

Nose pins by Sumita Acharya
Nose pins by Sumita Acharya

The key challenge for her is to prevent plagiarism and be ahead of copycats!Being an artist and a designer gives her the edge.

The one other challenge is when clients book the jewellery(as her store is online) but do not pay later. This can be frustrating for an artist to follow-up for pay with customers.

What keeps you going?

Statement Neckpiece with Silver Pendant
Statement Neckpiece with Silver Pendant

She says” the desire to express and create” keeps her motivated. Also, “managing an online business is easier, one can work from the comfort of the home and according to one’s own pace”.





How do you see yourself evolve going forward?

She also wants to scale up Bombay Bead and is looking for investors to help her expand the business.

What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start something on their own?

She says” every woman should start with whatever skill they have. They may not be artistic or creative. If you are a graduate, you can even teach from home.” The possibilities clearly are endless if one puts the mind to it.

You Can Reach Sumita at:

Kolhapuri Thushi in 925 Silver with goldpolish
Kolhapuri Thushi in 925 Silver with goldpolish






Call               +91 9867794112

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