Rakhee Gupta – Founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP

My City Woman's story on Rakhee Gupta founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP
Rakhee Gupta – Founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP

About Rakhee

Rakhee Gupta is a trained Image Consultant from India and an International Etiquette Consultant from UK. She has also trained children on posture and poise for the India Kids Fashion Week 2016 auditions in Mumbai and Delhi.

What is truly remarkable about her is that she started the new innings in her life as a etiquette consultant at the age of 42. Read on about the journey of this inspiring woman entrepreneur from a stay at home mom to an internationally accredited Etiquette Consultant.

Its never too late to start and its never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Tell us something about yourself

A graduate from Mumbai University, I practised journalism for five years in the print and television media, before giving it up to be a full time mother. A mom to a 17 year old, I love travelling, eating and having a good time with friends.


How did you decide to start your venture

My City Woman-Rakhee Gupta at one of her sessions
Rakhee at one of her sessions

I worked as a journalist, did a bit of television production and then was a stay home mom for 15 years. As my son was now grown up, I began contemplating a second lease of career. I zeroed in on Image Consulting, as I aimed to be an etiquette consultant. However, at the end of the course, I felt I needed more. My husband suggested that I train internationally. After connecting with a few institutes worldwide, I decided on one in London. That was the changing point of my life. For the first time, I travelled and stayed in a hotel alone. The learning from the trip as well as the course was a real boost to my morale.

Today I conduct programmes on Corporate Etiquette, Finishing Programmes for adults and Etiquette Programmes for teenagers and children.


What are the keys challenges you face in your job?

Awareness about etiquette is the biggest challenge. Most people believe, it is only about table manners and that is not true. Etiquette is actually about conducting oneself with grace and dignity in any situation. It involves grooming, body language, meeting and greeting correctly, art of conversation, posture and poise, how to be a good host or guest, use of social media, and yes, also eating correctly. It covers all aspects of your personality.


What keeps you going?

I love what I do. Guiding people to being better versions of themselves, gives me a high. The improvement in their conduct and confidence elates me.

And of course, my husband and son, who take pride in my achievements, however trivial. 

I love what I do. Guiding people to being better versions of themselves, gives me a high.


My City Woman-Engaged audience at one of the workshops by Rakhee Gupta
Engaged audience at one of the workshops by Rakhee Gupta

How do you see yourself evolve going forward?

With my new found confidence and determination, I hope to share my knowledge and enable people to understand the importance of self-improvement. Etiquette teaches us to be better human beings.

What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start something on their own?

Two actually.

First, one is never too old to learn. I was 42 when I embarked on this journey.

Second, Never give up, you never know when something will come your way.



Logo Image and Etiquette ConsultantYou can reach Rakhee at:

Website:     http://rakheegupta.com

Email:         contact@rakheegupta.com

Call:            +91 98203 20783

Twitter:      https://twitter.com/TheRakheeGupta

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/therakheegupta/

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