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Founders of

Mala Sharma and Pinky Panjwani (From left to right)

About the venture:

Paintparty is a new, fun and innovative concept is a venture where an assorted group of individuals meet and socialize while trying to create a piece of art. These events are usually 2-3 hours in duration and is held at different restaurants around Mumbai. As part of the package, food and beverages  are also provided. In effect, participants literally walk in empty handed and walk out with a piece of art created by them, They make end up making new friends in between, who are creatively inclined like them and open to having a fun-filled experience.

About Mala and Pinky is co-founded by Pinky Panjwani and Mala Sharma. They are school mommies with their kids being in the same grade. Pinky is a software professional with over 12 years of experience and has a passion for painting & photography. Mala has over 12 years experience in advertising & marketing. She too is creative and loves to travel.

Participants at Paint Party
Participants at Paint Party

How did you decide to start your venture – “Paintparty”?

It happened one lazy afternoon, over chilled drinks and sumptuous meal at a restaurant. While pondering over the drab and monotonous life, they thought they needed to pep it up with something fun and exciting. Pinky, who had been frustrated in her futile attempt to find meaningful things to do in Mumbai since her move from USA 2 years ago, came up with the idea of a paint party. It happened just like that and they got the ball rolling.  A month later in November 2015 they had their first paint party at LPQ in Powai. The event got a stupendous response from the participants. It was a great experience for Mala and Pinky too. They realized that there was a niche in the market to merge creativity with social experience.

What are the key challenges you face in your job?

“Since the concept is fairly new in Mumbai, it does take a lot of convincing to convert people. But we are getting there. With each event the response is better. We are slowly, but surely converting one neighbourhood at a time. We have a lot of repeat guests which surpassed our original expectations.”

What keeps you going?

Paint party is fun and innovative is a fun and innovative concept

Sheer passion for art & creativity keeps them enthused and excited. They proudly add that “the gratifying response from the participants; the fact that we bring 2 hours of one of a kind experience for our participants and inspire them to live creatively in those moments is truly special.”, indeed is an art therapy of sorts – everyone goes home happy, de-stressed and fulfilled.

How do you see yourself evolve going forward?

“We are taking one baby step at a time and hope to expand beyond the restaurant painting space to private parties and corporate events.”

What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start something on their own?

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase”- Martin Luther King.  

Entrepreneurship is not about waiting for the right moment. It is about making this moment right for you. This is the inspiration to take away from their story. We at My City Woman totally laud their spirit and wish them all the success with

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  1. Hello…
    Let me also add my experience with Paint Party…being an Art lover i was missing my paints n canvas…Came accross this concept and thought to participate..For me it was a wonderful experience..2 hours..dedicated to lovely colours n canvas with yummy food n refreshing coolers…not only that i also made new friends ☺
    Keep it up!!!!!
    Amazing concept…All the best Mala and Pinky..☺

  2. Thank you Jigna!We were v happy to have you over!!Your enthusiasm and desire to nail that piece of art was wonderful!!Hope to see you again!!

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