Moresha Benjamin – Owner at Moe’s Bed & Biscuits

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Moresha Benjamin – Owner at Moe’s Bed & Biscuits

About Moe’s Bed & Biscuits:

Moe’s Bed & Biscuits offers pet home boarding, pet sitting and dog walking services. She fosters all animals except cats and kittens due to allergies.

Tell us something about yourself

I am a foodie, solo traveller, writer and an ardent animal lover.

How did you decide to start your venture Moe’s Bed & Biscuits Moe's Bed & Biscuits

I have always loved animals since childhood. Nature and animals are always there for you. They give you perspectives about yourself and the world that you overlook being caught in the concrete maze of a city. The initiative has a lot to do with my experiences as an avid solo traveller. I prefer a home stay to a hotel any day! So when parents leave their furry babies, the environment should be homely. Everyone loves a good home be it any species. Thus, with years of fostering experience and my love for home stays, I decided to start Moe’s Bed & Biscuits.

Did you face any personal challenges in your life. If yes, how did you turn it around?
Moe's Bed & Biscuits

I lost my parents in 2011. Both in the same year. Mom in February and Dad in December. It turned my life upside down. Though I was living on my own, the loss of family is something that hits you hard. It changed me as a person immensely. We were very close as a family – playing games late into the night, 4 am conversations about life, cooking together, singing silly Bollywood songs, celebrating birthdays together and so on. All this was gone in a year. I was a journalist, at that working for a leading financial daily, I quit my job and took a break. The loss and the depression brought me down so badly that friends were really concerned about my well-being. A friend suggested I take up fostering as it may help me heal. That’s when I rediscovered my love for animals. That’s what helped me survive. The unconditional love from them is what healed me. I took the strength from that and started Moe’s Bed & Biscuits. The loss of parents is irreplaceable but the strength, will power and determination to overcome challenges it has given me is priceless. It has helped me become a stronger, dependable and determined human being. The loss has helped create Moe’s Bed & Biscuits so that the furry beings are taken care of in the best possible way.

What are some of the challenges you face in your job on a day to day basis?

The challenge is to keep up with the love the animals have to offer. As humans, we are so guarded about our emotions especially if we have suffered a loss. These chorus make it look so easy! There is nothing that I dislike about my job at all!

What keeps you going?

I come from a humble middle class background. We started small. I remember the time when we couldn’t afford to purchase bicy­cles. They got us a tri­cy­cle so that we both could get turns riding it while the other sat behind. My parents taught me one thing: Never ever give up! No matter what. This has helped me survive every single day. They came to Mumbai with nothing. They worked so hard and diligently so that my sister and I could have a good life. This learning, I act upon every single day of my life.

How do you see yourself evolve going forward?Moe's Bed & Biscuits

I have plans to scale up Moe’s Bed & Biscuits. Right now, the focus is to learn as much about the business, train and educate myself. It’s a niche area, I do not have capital at the moment for investing but I see myself expanding it in a few years.

What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start their own business venture?

Great works have come into being due to tragedy. Be it art,music, literature, movements, inventions. Don’t let it get you down, derive positive energy from it. You will get there!


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