Jainee Gandhi- Founder of Image ReDefine


Jainee Gandhi
Jainee Gandhi Founder of Image Redefine

About Jainee

Jainee is the founder of image management firm called Image Redefine. She is deeply passionate about her job and aspires to create more awareness about the importance of personal styling and grooming for everyone in today’s world. She works with individuals, organisations and fashion houses with equal ease. Read on for more on this inspiring woman entrepreneur!

Tell us something about yourself

A fun-loving & strict mommy, nagging wife, passionate entrepreneur and a style enthusiast. These 4 things definitely describe who I am.

My City Woman-Inspirational story of Jainee gandhi founder of Image redefine
Jainee at a workshop

How did you decide to start your venture – “Image ReDefine”?

I worked as a head hunter for 7 years  and then started my own firm into senior level hiring for a year but could not see myself doing that the rest of my life. I had seen an Image consulting firm in New York a few years back. It stuck with me that it’s the right thing for me.  When my son was about 18 months, I started studying to be an Image consultant. The more I understood the depth of this  work, the more I got interested . I started Image ReDefine 4 years back  with the sole aim that we need to upgrade and ReDefine our Image as we move on with various roles, and goals in life.

What are the key challenges you face in your job?Image-Redefine

It’s a fairly new field here. For people to understand  that it is a life and thought-changing process is a challenge. As a consultant, I get to work on a client’s image inside-out.  We, as a country and society have always put pressure on academic and technical skills, hence the biggest challenge is to educate people the importance of managing your image.

What keeps you going?

I am passionate about my work. I love what I do. I absolutely love every bit it.

Another thing that keeps me going is seeing my clients fulfilling their ambition. We all know the importance of first impressions and grooming right, but we don’t put enough thought into it.  I encourage my clients to be confident in their individual style, body and self in general.



My City Woman-Image redefine founded by Jainee Gandhi
Image enhancement is an important part of managing your image

How do you see yourself evolve going forward?

Image Consulting has a global body called Association of Image Consultants International. I am one of the only 3 to be certified by them in India at their first level certification, my next goal it to get certified at next level. That’s a personal goal. For my venture , the next goal is to play an influential part with Universities and colleges, its better we rain them young!

Image enhancement is an important part of managing your image

What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start something on their own?

Passion and Persistence  are my two keys words. Money is a big motivator but one should work towards bigger goals. The first step towards  starting your own venture is the credibilty in the market you build.  Build a personal brand for yourself, have a concrete goal for the business… Initially it might be difficult to have a clear vision but one can go on fine tuning the expectation from your venture.

“A decision without a deadline is a mere discussion.”  So a business without a goal is a mere hobby , Don’t fall in this trap.

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Website:            http://www.imageredefine.com/

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