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Shalini & Teju - Founder of Early Foods- story by my city woman
Shalini Santhosh- Founder of Early Foods

About the venture:

Early Foods is a venture born out of need to provide wholesome nutrition to expecting mothers and young infants. In this fast paced world where people pick up ready to eat stuff off the shelf, Early Food attempts to re-introduce the traditional Indian foods for people at the most crucial stage of their lives – pregnant women, infants and children who are beginning to develop their taste buds and also building their body that would frame a healthy life in future.


About Shalini

Shalini is an advocate for natural living using a healthy diet and lifestyle. After becoming a mother, she became more mindful about the food consumed daily by her baby and more so about extremely processed and refined foods. She loves to read, research and create new recipes using traditional plant based ingredients that are nutritious and healing for the body.


Shalini is the founder and owner of Early Foods, which is a premium organic store for babies, toddlers and new moms. Through her company, she has helped thousands of moms & babies eat healthy by creating an entire range of healthy organic porridge mixes, butter cookies, biscottis, traditional sugar free laddoos and other vegan snacks. All foods are absolutely free from preservatives, colors and artificial flavors.


How did you decide to start your venture – “Early Foods”?

Early Foods - provide wholesome nutrition to expecting mothers and young infants-story by my city woman
Early Foods – provide wholesome nutrition to expecting mothers and young infants

Being a working mother, I would hardly have enough time to prepare nutritious meals for my son at home. The traditional porridge mixes were laborious and time consuming that I was soon searching for organic baby foods available in the market. Unfortunately, I discovered that most of the existing ones contained a lot of refined sugar, salt, milk powder & preservatives and the base of the porridge mixes were either just rice or wheat.


I soon realized that it was not just me, but many more moms who faced the same issue. Blessed with a family filled with knowledge about traditional Indian food and its benefits and my personal passion for eating healthy, inspired me to start Early Foods. Once it took life, my mother has been extremely instrumental in managing the daily operations, constantly innovating and coming up with smart ingredients that can be added or replaced to give maximum nutrition.


What are the key challenges you face in your job?

Shalini's mother provides a strong business support to Early Foods-story by my city woman
Shalini’s mother provides a strong business support to Early Foods

When it comes to food, especially baby & toddler food, its all about maintaining food quality & safety. So, we need to regularly do lab tests to ensure organic ingredients free from pesticides and other chemicals are being procured & processed.


What keeps you going?

We thrive on feedback. Hearing back from mothers who comes back to say that their babies enjoys Early Food porridge mixes every day and that they has observed an improvement in immunity & weight in their children, really inspires us to keep doing better each day.


In the end, the contribution that we have made to the society in terms of introducing organic healthy meals to families and the next generation of children is very fulfilling.


How do you see yourself evolve going forward?

I have envisioned Early Foods to be the most trusted global organic food brand catering to mother & infant nutrition.

We will be constantly innovating our products to naturally enrich food without adding artificial supplements and working on packaging to help retain freshness and preserve it naturally without the need for chemicals.


Dry Fruit Jaggery Cookies from Early Foods-story by Early Foods
Dry Fruit Jaggery Cookies from Early Foods

What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start something on their own?

If you have got an idea, and this idea has been bothering you for several  days constantly during the day & night. That is the sign that the world needs your  idea to be materialized. Only you have the power to create it. Do not be bogged down by scaling up big immediately, grow organically, take baby steps each day and one day I am sure your idea will find its wings to fly.




logo- early foodsYou can reach Early Foods at:


Facebook:      https://www.facebook.com/earlyfoods4u/

Phone:            +91 91679 44164

Website:         http://www.earlyfoods.com

Email:            shalini.santhosh@earlyfoods.com




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