Ami Savla – Founder at Socialize Store

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Ami Savla – Founder Socialize Store

About Socialize Store

Socialize Store is a social media training initiative founded by Ami Savla exclusively for women entrepreneurs. It aims to help women get social media savvy and offers a host of invaluable knowledge sessions on content and mobile marketing, increasing organic reach of the business, running online and offline campaigns and building your your brand in the digital world.

Tell us something about yourself

I was working as an HR consultant in an IT company for around 2 years but I always wanted to dive into entrepreneurship and explore retreaded territories. That’s how i have managed to start-up my 2 ventures.

  1. XChange-it: With XChange-it, I am intending to build a portal for people to exchange books and services the Barter Way and thus promote the concept of sharing and collaborative economy (For eg: one could exchange their web designing services for interior designing services)
  2. Socialize Store: With Socialize Store, I intend to help budding start-ups, women entrepreneurs, mompreneurs and dreamers in co-creating their social world.


A session in progress
A session in progress

I saw that women out there had some amazing business ideas but they had scarce knowledge on how to promote their idea/brand effectively on the digital platform and so this is how Socialize Store was born around 8 months back in September 2015 with the objective to make the women of our country digitally sound.


What are the key challenges you face in your job?

The key challenge I faced was to break this myth that women and technology don’t go hand in hand. But I have taken up this challenge to dispel this myth completely by helping women on how to use their smart phone effectively, how to use their computers and how to promote and brand themselves effectively on the digital platform and i can say that i have been lucky enough and have trained more than 180 women on the same till now.


What keeps you going?

The idea of making the women of our country tech savvy and to make them an independent individual in every way gives me a kick and pushes me forward to reach out to as many women as possible and pass this knowledge at the most affordable rates.


How do you see yourself evolve going forward?

Participants at a session
Participants at a session

Women entrepreneurs in various sectors have been immensely successful, dispelling the old myth that they cannot handle businesses as confidently or assertively as men but I did see that with social media many women developed cold feet and thus with socialize store I intend to dispel this myth.

With Socialize Store, I want to pass this knowledge of social media to every woman out there and help them reduce their dependency on various external sources thus make them become confident and an independent individual.


What is one advice you have for anyone else wanting to start their own business venture?

Women Entrepreneurship is the next IN thing in our country. All that I need to say to all the  enthusiastic women out there is that if you are passionate about your idea, just follow your instinct, dedicate your time and soul for what you love and you will be an achiever!

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