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India Urgently Needs To Resolve Its Rape Issue

According to a news published on front page in Times Of India on June 31st, 2016, a family was travelling from Gurgaon to Shahjahanpur to attend a funeral. They were not only looted on their way, the 35 year old woman and her 14 year old daughter were raped and left stranded until next day morning on the spot.

This news took away rest of the day from me. It is disturbing and alarming the rate at which incidents of rape are coming to light. Not a day goes without any news of rape or sexual assault on women.

How difficult is it to contain this issue of women safety in India? How is it that crime against women is increasing and the Indian government or society at large is left at the mercy of the perpetrators of the crime. Every 15 minutes a woman is raped in India. (Survey

Consider these statistics:

Year # Rape cases reported  in India


Number of people convicted Conviction Rate(%)
2012 24,923 3,563 24.2
2013 33,707 5,101 27.1
2014 36,735 10,286 28


Points to note:My City Woman's blog on crimes against women in India

  • Almost 90% of the rapes are committed by people known to the victim.
  • Marital rape is not legally prohibited by law in India.
  • Number of rape cases being reported post the Nirbhaya case, jumped by 35% from 2012 to 2013 with more women coming forward to register rape. (Source)
  • If Delhi is tagged as the rape capital of India- see what National Crime Records Bureau or NCRB (2014) has to say :

“14.0% of rape cases were reported in Madhya Pradesh (5,076 out of 36,735 cases) followed by Rajasthan (3,759 cases), Uttar Pradesh (3,467 cases), Maharashtra (3,438 cases). Mizoram reported the highest crime rate of 23.7 followed by UT of Delhi at 23.2 as compared to national average of 6.1.”           

Not only should the rape laws in India need to be made stringent with harsher punishment, we also need higher conviction rates. Most are let off for “lack of evidence”. There is a clear need to expedite the trial of rape cases so rapists are punished with an iron hand. Stringent punishment – yes, but the lack of speed with which the judiciary delivers on it – just kills the case and the criminals are acquitted without being brought to book.

Post the Nirbhaya gang rape in the late 2012 that shook the country , more women have come forward to register crime against them. It is not easy to fight the social stigma or anticipate what lays for them when they approach a police station to lodge their complaint. Sensitising the police force in handling rape complaints (was also recommended by the Verma Committee) is also key to helping women file cases of assault against them.

The root of the problem behind sexual crime against women in India is two pronged – one- the skewed sex ratio; two – low respect for women. While in China too, the sex ratio is skewed, they are more gentle when it comes to treating their women. Ill-treating women, sexually assault and molestation is a way of life for many men here.

The union minister for women and child welfare , Mrs Maneka Gandhi was even quoted in media saying “Its too early to talk about marital rape in India”.

A country with a population of over 1.2 billion people, with little respect for women is evident then they commit heinous crimes against its women, insensitively treated by law enforcement guys and a justice that fails to deliver in time leading to criminals and rapists going Scot-free to commit more rapes- we have all the concoction ready for a doomed country.

90% is the rapists are the victim’s friends, neighbour, family and parent is a scary statistic to acknowledge. How much can we trust our “known” people with ourselves and our daughters and sisters before they fall prey to danger lurking in their own homes.

A country that has to prosper, to lead and shine and find its place in the global economy cannot afford to ignore its women. It is high time to bring in a massive change in the societal outlook towards women and ask our Modi government to plug in the systemic gaps. Only then can India truly grow and prosper.


Featured image source :The Hindu

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