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Inculcating good reading habits in your kids

Motivate your kids to read. The interest in reading needs to be cultivated – be it a child or an adult. Unleash the world of books for your kids. We give you helpful parenting tips that would motivate your kids to read.

#1 Set yourself as an example

Kids learn by seeing more than through words. You can set an example and read. You may not read a book, a newspaper is just as fine. Carve out some time in your daily schedule that is marked for reading as an activity.

#2 Join a libraryMy City Woman-joining a library

A library would give your child an option of wide variety of subjects. That can be a good stepping stone.

#3 Give your child freedom to choose

Allow your child the liberty to choose whatever he/she wants to read. They may begin with comic books, that is just as fine. Slowly nudge them towards stories that may interest them.  If they are a member of the library already, you can have them pick up one comic and one story book. This way they can balance their interest and reading subject matter.

#4 Read to your child

Initially you might have to read to your kid. This can be any time during the day or bedtime at night.

#5 Help your kids find age appropriate material

Kids should have access to reading material which is suitable to their age.

#5 Discipline is equally important

Restrict television and video game time for sometime during the day. Whey would whine as they have nothing to do! You can direct them to books. Eventually, they would pick it up. However, do not force it upon them.

#6 Create a reading nook in your house

Create a cosy nook in your house where a child can laze and enjoy his/her read. It may be a corner in the kids room or a rocking chair, any quiet place which is comfortable as well.

These parenting tips will go a long way in ensuring that your kids pick up reading as a habit.

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