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Hurdles Women Entrepreneurs Need To Win Over

Women entrepreneurs have come a long way – they are running ventures from bio technology to the new age e-commerce companies. Yet, they are far behind their male counterparts and more importantly their true potential. Women entrepreneurs face many obstacles – some that reside in their mind, some that are created of the society’s perception of them and some that need serious mentoring. Let’s take a look at some of them.

#1 Need to be assertive

Many women entrepreneurs hesitate to put their foot down and negotiate a fair deal.  True faith in the quality of their product or service and comprehensive market research can go a long way in augmenting the confidence and talk with ease when negotiating with clients.

#2 Networking effectively

Women hesitate to use their network effectively and go out there and tell people how awesome their product is. It does not hurt to talk to someone who can connect  you to the right resource to get the deal through. Even if it means getting some extra information, women should not hold themselves back from picking up the phone and talking their way through.

#3 Work life balance

No matter what women choose to do, the ultimate responsibility of managing the kids and the household still resides with the woman of the house. Managing kids along with work is difficult, but at least entrepreneurship gives a slight benefit as one can manage the schedule and accommodate one off situations.

 #4 Succeed at everything

This is a unrealistic expectation women in general have of themselves. Even friends and family take it for granted that the woman would be able to manage it all! Well, that is not only unrealistic, it is unfair too. One has to accept that something somewhere will not be perfect and just try and give their 100% in all that they do.

#5 Funding their business

Women still do not have access to funds as both banks and venture capitalists have their reservations on funding a women led venture. Women are not considered credit worthy because well …”They can drop out of the business anytime in favour of family and household. If they plan to expand their family, they would easily dump the idea and prefer family over business.” This is a common male dominated societal perception about women. Of course things are changing now but mostly this is what is playing at the back of the investors mind.

To succeed at anything, women need to just go out there and do what they have to do without worrying about what others around her think of it. Working alongside familial responsibility is a reality be it a career or business. Women need to research well, network with people around themselves and more importantly believe that they deserve to belong out there to earn their seat at the table.


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