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How Women May Have Amazing Ideas For Scalable Business Solutions

Ironical as it may sound, women are in a better position to have ideas that make for sound business solutions. It is a profound statement to make- how does this thought work? Well, women have roles and responsibilities that cover home, office, kids, husband, in-laws, parents and much more – they have the whole world under their thumb. Every problem that women encounter in their daily lives can be looked at to provide effective business solutions. The question is how seriously do we take these opportunities and create a profitable business model out of it. Let’s look at some of these:

#1 Planning birthday parties

Kids want their birthday parties to be the best – best cake, best dress, best invite and most of all best party in town! Right from finding theme appropriate birthday supplies to getting the affordable event planner, it is a herculean task.

#2 Analysing pre-schools and schools for kids

Finding the right pre-school for the little toddler is fraught with anxiety. Is the place good enough and clean  enough for my child? How do they manage crying pre-schoolers? Will they know if at all my child is unwell all of a sudden? How affordable is the school? Will I miss the application date for applying in the school? It is indeed a chaotic scenario. So many questions and no structured answers as yet in the Indian context. Mothers often face it and it is a business need that is still looking for an answer.

#3 Home cooked food

There are many that have come about of late to fill in this need. Yet providing hygienically prepared, yummy home food has a long way to go. From students to working professionals, everyone wants simple home cooked meals. Can women who have to often cook for their family create a successful business model out of it?

#4   Personalized tailoring services

It is a pain to run to the local tailor to get the dress stitched and get to wear it in time for the occasion too. This market is widely untapped and women know it.

#5 Finding medical help when it matters the most

Getting to know the review of doctors before visiting them is always reassuring. In the Indian context, there is no single platform where all of this information is easily available. Women often have to try paediatricians, ENT specialists and therapists before they know who suits them the best.

These and many more problems women face on a day to day basis is just open to answers. One has to keep the mind open to recognising its business feasibility.

Ask yourself these questions if you think your idea makes up for a sound business proposition:

#1 Does it solve a problem?

#2 Will people be willing to pay for it?

#3 Can you scale it up in future?

#4 Are you passionate about starting it?

#5 How fund intensive is the idea- Do you have enough to start it?

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