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How Water Can Help You Keep Healthy

Drinking water all through the day is perhaps the most ignored activity of our routine. Few manage to drink enough that their body needs.

How much should I drink?

This depends on your lifestyle. If you work in a an air-conditioned office, maybe 8 glasses or two litres  should suffice. If you keep travelling during the day, you may need to consume more water to keep yourself adequately hydrated.

Let’s see some of the innumerable benefits of drinking water:

#1 Helps in weight lossMy City Woman's blog on why and how to keep our body hydrated

#2 Clear and glowing Skin

#3 Supple lips

#4 Improved metabolism and bowel movements

#5 Reduces body fatigue

#6 Helps relieve migraines and headaches

#7 Improved concentration

#8 Controls mood swings

How can you incorporate a healthy intake of water in your diet

If you find it difficult to add in the normal 8 glasses a day in your daily routine, try these tips to increase your water intake. Remember, its about how to keep body hydrated at all times.

#Consume fruits and vegetables . These have high water content too.

#Fill in a bottle of water next to your desk at work and make sure you finish it before your day ends.

#It is always better to drink water from the glass than the bottle. A few small gulps of water may not help much.

#Include milk and buttermilk in your daily diet too.

#Fresh fruit juices can also add to your daily intake

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