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How To Tackle Emotional Eating

Eating to satisfy yourself emotionally is emotional eating. It can strike you anytime of the day. It can throw your entire diet pattern out of gear and single-handedly make you sick and exhausted, all at the same time.

Many people binge on food even without realising it. The stress and the mood swing just gets them to turn towards the kitchen, and there they go again! So what is the best way to deal with emotional eating? Though it provides a temporary relief from the sudden impulse to eat, the aftermath is totally disastrous.

After-effects of Emotional Eating:

  • Poor body image – You can start to hate your bulging belly and increasing waistline.
  • Eating for passing time – This can be a terrible habit to get rid of, sometimes, just as ugly as smoking or alcohol.
  • Long term health issues – As a result of binging on food that your body does not even need, you would have to face long term health issues like acidity, bloating, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Guilt – You would know why you have put on additional weight or about that recurring acidity. Most emotional eaters carry a lot of guilt for overeating.

How can you control binge eating?

#1 Distract yourselfMy City Woman's blog on how-to-tackle-emotional-eating-distract yourself

Next time you have this urge to walk into the kitchen for a snack post meal, remind yourself that you have just had a stomachful. Pick up a book instead. Check the internet for some information you long wanted to search about.

#2 Get adequate sleep

Emotional eating is often a response to stress. It does not help when your body is tired and exhausted. So make sure you get at least 7  to 8 hours of sleep everyday.

#3 Store healthy snacks at home

Stop buying fried and junk stuff. Instead buy fruits, yogurt and nuts. If you really have the urge to eat, have a fruit salad. It would be filling and be a super healthy substitute to junk as well.

#4 Do not deprive yourself of any food craving

Instead of polishing off the entire pack of chocolate, have the smaller packs at home. Instead of buying an entire cake or a big box or pastries, buy one or two pieces. Have food that you love, but moderation is the key to a healthy balanced diet.

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