My City Woman's blog on How To Relieve Painful Cramps During Periods

How To Relieve Painful Cramps During Periods

Menstrual cramps , also called as dysmenorrhea, can sometimes be really painful and prevent you from going through your normal lifestyle. We bring you easy home remedies to manage and reduce that pain.

#1 Drink green tea

Tea with peppermint extract, chamomile tea or raspberry leaf is known to reduce the painful cramps. For best results you can start it a week before you expect your periods.

#2 Massage with aromatic oils

Essential aromatic oils like lavender, clary sage, and marjoram when massaged onto lower abdomen can help relieve cramps to a great extent.

#3 Heat pad

Use of heating pad is a age old way of reducing the menstrual cramp.

#4 Magnesium rich diet

Magnesium rich diet like almonds and spinach can be very effective in reducing stomach cramps.

#5 Exercise

Exercise as part of daily routine can help a great deal in bringing down the menstrual cramp. If working out during periods seems difficult for you, stretch your arms and legs to see a difference.

#6 Hot water bath

A hot water bath too is known to bring relief to crams and lower body ache during periods.

If the cramps are going out of bounds, remember to talk to your gynaecologist and identify ways to reduce the pain with effective medication.


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