My City Woman's blog on how to rekindle the romance in marriage after kids

How To Rekindle The Romance Back In Your Life After Kids!

Once the kids arrive, the late night talks with the spouse, those moments when you want to cosy up to each other, hold hands, all goes out of the window. After the kids arrive, the naughty talk with your partner gets replaced with cute talk with the kids. And the kids make sure they sleep only after you have slept!

Do not let life get so serious, reignite the missing romance in your life and bring back the spice in your marriage. We tell you how:

#1 Keep it excitingMy City Woman's tips to rekindle the romance in marriage after kids

Keep the boredom at bay and make an effort to make each night great. Yes, it does not happen on its own. Both the partners have to work towards making the most out of each night….and day. Sex helps but so does every gesture of care and affection.

#2  Date again

Dress up and go out on dates together. Take an effort to look good. If you have to take kids along, do that. But ensure that you and your partner get to talk about things that matter the most to you.

#3 Be considerate of each other

Parenting demands a lot of patience, time and effort. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, understand that both you and your partner have had a tough day. Be considerate of each other. The simple understanding and awareness can ease the pressure off on both of you and help connect with each other better. Respect is the basic tenet that can keep your relationship going and help romance alive.

#4 Stick to a sleep routineMy City Woman's tips to keep romance alive in marriage after kids

It is imperative that kids have a stipulated bedtime. If they sleep on time, you can get more time with your partner. Easier said! But seriously, limit their nap time during the day and have them get up at regular time in the morning. Once you work around their sleep time, you too would find that much needed rest and more “us time”.

#5 Spend time with each other

Kids are playing around and constantly chatting up with you, conversations with your partner is often “broken”, sentences are dropped midway and thoughts too get foggy, do stay close to your spouse midst all of this. Be in touch! Sit next to each other. Look into each other’s eyes when you talk. Hug in the morning, say goodnight and steal that kiss if you have to. If you practice it, you will be able to master it.

#6 Watch your conversations

When talking to your partner ensure that your conversations are about you and him. Avoid talks on potty, vomiting, sleeping etc. You want to keep it light, nice and romantic, right?

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