My City Woman's tips to avoid food wastage

How To Minimise Kitchen Wastage

In a household, we buy a zillion stuff every month. How much of it is actually used still remains a question. Many a times, food items end up in the refrigerator and soon we forget all about it and eventually, it lands up in the garbage bin. We tell you quick tips on how to minimise kitchen wastage and not let resources and your hard earned money go waste.


Tips to a zero waste kitchen!

#1 Out of sight, out of mind!

We all are at some point in time guilty of it. Remember to use a post it slip on your fridge every time you put something in. Cross out the item that you take out. Just need to keep a post it and a pen handy in your kitchen. Though it might sound like an effort, it would help a great deal in not forgetting about the food you just stocked up in your refrigerator.


#2 Do not buy perishable fruits and veggies in bulkMy City Woman's tips to achieve zero waste kitchen

If you buy already ripe banana or papaya that you don’t think will consume by next day, it is best to avoid buying a big quantity. Any food item with a shelf life of one or two days, put a menu plan in place so you can actually consume it. Veggies may “look great” in a supermarket, but would you be actually using it? For instance, I once picked up a lotus stem and did not know how to cook it! Fenugreek leaves that come in a big bunch – almost half of it may just end up rotting in my refrigerator(sad). I now avoid buying that bunch and always look for a smaller one.


My City Woman's blog to how planning your menu helps#3 Plan your menu

Plan your weekly menu if possible and buy veggies accordingly. Do not buy veggies or food items just because the supermarket just announced a tempting discount.




#4 Get creative with leftoversMy City Woman's blog on how to achieve zero waste kitchen

  • Consider making lemon rice out of left over rice.
  • Bake up left over curries. Stir fry dried up breads.
  • Make soup out of left over veggies.
  • Puree vegetables that may soon go bad and make a dip out of it.
  • Make a fruit salad or juice them to consume them easily.
  • Consider making a smoothie out of your fruits if you think you may not be able to use all of them soon enough.

You will get many ideas once you put your mind to not throwing food that hasn’t gone bad but soon will. Happy discovering!


#5 Stock vegetables wisely

  • Store green leafy veggies in a brown paper bag instead of plastic bags.
  • Peeled too many potatoes? Keep them fresh by storing in a container with water in your refrigerator.
  • Blanch green leafy veggies and store them in your freezer.
  • You can also dice vegetables, blanch them and store in the refrigerator to help these last longer.


#6 Organise your refrigeratorMy City Woman's zero waste tips

  • Cover food you keep in the fridge so help them last longer. The temperature in the refrigerator decreases as you move down.
  • Store milk in the upper most shelf.
  • Veggies must always be stored in the lower most compartment.
  • Do not zip seal your fresh veggies while storing them as they may decay faster.
  • Remove food that may have gone bad as decaying food affect the air in the fridge and may further promote the growth of bacteria.


#7 Use milk wiselyMy City Woman's blog on how to prevent food wastage

Have too much left over milk? Consider making curd out of it. Or use a few drops of lemon juice to curdle it and make cottage cheese out of it. Use it before it expires.

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