My City Woman's tips for emotional freedom for weight loss

How To Lose Emotional Fat?

Ever wondered why some people hit a weight loss plateau and fail to lose weight even after much effort. Why does the weighing scale betray them? What holds back the weight loss even when you do every weight loss trick that’s in the book? Negative emotions can prevent you from losing weight.

What is emotional fat?

Our body holds back weight as a protection against emotional trauma and pent up negative emotions inside of us. It refuses to let it go. The only way out is to let go of this emotional baggage.

So what makes up the emotional weight?

An emotional trauma like divorce, death of a dear one, betrayal by your partner

A negative thought about anything

A stress at work

A sexual abuse in the past

Any “dark” feeling that you have never been able to confide into anyone including yourself

Years of hiding these negative emotions can exhaust you from inside. Your body will start to store fat in reflex and after a few years, no matter how hard you try, the weight will not reduce.

How to finally lose the emotional weight?

Holding on to material things you do not need

Cluttering your environment with loads of material things that are of no use can clutter your mind as well.

Confront your emotions

A friend of mine had a framed picture of her ex boyfriend with her in her closet. She said “She doesn’t even care about this guy anymore but still has it since she had some great memories associated with it!

It’s time to stop fooling yourself. Anything that pains you deep down inside, it is important to acknowledge it. Which brings us to the next point – how to let go of it once you know how you feel.

Let go of the negative emotion

Life is not meant to be perfect. Even a seemingly perfect life is not be perfect. Life is meant to be lived. You will meet people who would betray you, play with your trust, cheat you of money, hurt your honest feelings – you cannot control all of these. What you can control is your own feelings.

  • Write a journal about things that trouble you. You can put all that you feel on paper so that the negativity comes out of you.
  • You can talk to yourself or a close confidant or even a psychologist to overcome your emotional trauma.
  • Feel your emotions. Scream and cry and be mad when you are with yourself. Just let it get out of the system.
  • Spend time with yourself. Meditate. Practice deep breathing. Such actions can help you stay connected to “who you really are”.
  • Music, art or yoga are healing therapies. Engage in any of these and you will feel lighter inside.

Money can buy you an expensive gym membership, a qualified nutritionist and exotic food from the supermarket. What it cannot do is make you stay connected to your true self. Unless you move away from superficial existence, life will come to haunt you with symptoms like weight gain and chronic health issues. It will manifest itself in the form of stress in all areas of your life. It is time to let the emotional fat go.


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